Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Facial Likeness

Facial features can be arranged on a human being in a limited number of ways, so it's surprising that we don't notice more look-alikes. Outside of family resemblances, which are to be expected, there aren't too many people with facial likenesses strong enough to confuse us. There are a few though - I came across an instance recently. We happened upon an episode of Boston Legal, when surfing TV channels. We couldn't decide whether one of the characters was being played by an actor we knew from Eureka. "He's broader", I kept trying to convince myself...."the Eureka guy is slimmer built....but....erm...he could have put on weight for the part".

Colin Ferguson who plays the sheriff in Eureka, and Mark Valley of Boston Legal and Human Target - and, I think, Fringe were the two who originally had me confused. As I was drafting this post about them and looking for photographs, I noticed another who could be added to this particular look-alike list: Joel Gretsch of The 4400

From the top: Colin, Mark, Colin, Mark, and Joel.

Astrologically, appearance is said to relate mainly to the rising sign - though I would guess that Sun and Moon signs, or any sign heavily emphasised or strongly placed on an angle, could also influence looks. I've personally come to recognise a limited number of astrology-related facial/physical features in people I've met. Gemini:wiry or skinny, bony face; Capricorn/Aquarius/Saturn: a definite look with regular features (hard to describe in words); Cancer: round face, tending towards chubbiness; and of course the famous magnetic Scorpio eyes, and the lustrous Leo hair.

Anyway, without times of birth, and therefore without knowing rising signs and Moon placement for the three guys mentioned, it's not possible conduct a proper investigation into whether astrology has any bearing on their facial likeness. Their birthdates are as follows:
Colin Ferguson - 22 July 1972, Montreal, Canada
Mark Valley - 24 December 1964 Ogdensburg, NY
Joel Gretsch - 20 December 1963, St. Cloud MN.

I've compared 12 noon charts for the three and can find only one point of (almost) convergence. This occurs in the few degrees at the end of Sagittarius and beginning of Capricorn, between 28 Sag and 2 Cap.: Colin Ferguson has Jupiter at 00 Capricorn, Mark Valley has Sun at 2 Capricorn and Joel Gretschen has Sun at 28 Sagittarius. If their rising signs were anywhere around that area it'd be amazing!

There's a non-astrological possibility for the likeness too, though I've no evidence to support it: Scottish ancestry. The look they share has a definite Scottish flavour.


Diane L said...

Good grief! Those fellows look enough alike to be brothers. I recall seeing them all and wondering just where it was I had seen them before.

Yes, Scots ancestry does fit. Fun post.

Diane L said...

Just have to add "Look at all those Dudley Do-Right jawlines!"

R J Adams said...

Americans all look alike to me.

Wisewebwoman said...

Good Gawd, I dinnae ken any of these wee laddies! (My TVless status no doubt!)
As to the chiselled chins, I have a friend who jokes she married her first two husbands for their 'chisels' which gave her lovely babies, and then she settled down with a plain, interesting man.

Twilight said...

Diane L ~~! Stereotypically Hollywood male or what!? :-)

RJ Adams ~~ LOL! ;-)

WWW ~~~ Oh my! Plain and interesting is vastly preferable to chisels - hope her offspring aren't chiselled and uninteresting like their pa. ;-)