Sunday, March 28, 2010

Back in the cyber saddle again. (No astro today).

This trip wasn't one of our forays into the spectacularly scenic wonders of this land. Our route was more or less dictated by the track of a couple of winter storms.

We headed west, Sunday morning, behind a snowy storm which hit our town the day before. Through the north Texas "boot" into New Mexico as far as Tucumcari we drove, then on to Alberquerque, a town we'd missed on previous New Mexico adventures. Both these names sound more exotic than their towns turned out to be. Albuquerque is nicely situated with the snowy Sandia and Manzano Mountains forming a backdrop. It's New Mexico's biggest city, but seems more like several smaller towns linked together. Traffic systems were, to strangers in town, haphazard. Getting around seemed a little too much like hard work!

Next day, as another winter storm threatened from the north, we decided to head south, and eventually found ourselves in Roswell. We'd visited the UFO museum there on a previous trip, so hit the antique shops, and moved on into Texas next day, keeping ahead of the weather.

Through Brownfield, Snyder and Colorado City we next happened upon "The World's Biggest Windfarm" at Roscoe - it did cover a huge area of land, at one point we could see wind turbines on all sides. There's an article about the project at NPR's website "Winds of Change blow into Roscoe, Texas", by John Burnett.

We later saw another huge windfarm in the same part of Texas. Not bad for a state which prides itself on oil and gas production. The sight of these white turbines serenely turning against a blue sky can easily become soporific. (Photo on left isn't ours - it's from

Next stop: Abilene.
Abilene, Abilene
Prettiest town I ever seen.
Folks down there don't treat you mean
In Abilene, my Abilene.......
says the old song.
Actually it's another big city resembling an overgrown small town - not a lot more to say about it, except that the old song was right - nobody treated us the least bit mean!

Our last overnight stop was in Graham, a town boasting the biggest Town Square in America. These Texans!! Apparently, when the town was built in the late 1800s the town square, measuring a mile round the perimeter, was constructed big enough for a wagon to turn around in it.

Antique stores and malls abound in this part of Texas, even moreso than in neighbouring states, where they are plentiful enough. One wonders where all the "stuff" comes from. We found stores aplenty in Jacksboro, Decatur, Gainesville and Muenster as we journeyed towards the Red River and home. These stores are not just one room jobs, they meander through multiple adjoining buildings, room after room filled with all manner of "stuff": antique, collectible or simply dated. My husband searches for old photographs for his collection on Lost Gallery, and for LP covers by his favourite artists. He had a reasonably good haul from our many stops.

I found some DVDs, CDs and books at bargain prices.
I also bought a curiosity, probably not very old - maybe mid 20th-century: a 100 year calendar. I doubt these are at all rare but I'd not seen one like this before. It was made in India, of brass and enamel. Turning the wheels to the correct year and month brings up the right date and day of the month. Clever stuff!

The trip was just what we needed - a complete change of scene after a long winter of feeling "shut-in".


anyjazz said...

A fine accounting of our week on the road. Lots to see, lots to do. We always manage to have fun. Wasn't that wind farm huge?

Twilight said...

anyjazz ~~ Ta! Yes, we always have fun... and yes indeed - huge!

Wisewebwoman said...

Welcome back T!
It seems like every time you go away you bring back something I go mad for.
I adore that calendar, I see myself playing with it every day....if you every get tired of it...
Also did you get a pic of that humungous town square?
And my bubble has soooo burst about Abilene.

anthonynorth said...

Ah, Roswell is one place I'd love to go. Haven't found any aliens to give me a free ride yet, though.

Twilight said...

WWW ~~~ LOL! Okay, if i ever get to the point of re-cycling the calendar I'll remember you. ;-)

I think it would only be possible to get a shot of the big town square from the air. It seemd like just a jumble of buildings from the ground, with traffic all over the place. :-)

Twilight said...

anthonynorth ~~~ We were keen to visit the museum and enjoyed it when we did so a few years ago. We came away in two minds about any UFO landing though. The only thing that seemed certain is that "something" did happen there that night in 1947.