Thursday, March 04, 2010

Fixed Stars & John Frawley.

At Real Astrology website there's an excerpt from astrologer John Frawley's next book, due for publication this spring. He writes, in the excerpt, about Fixed Stars and how they came to have the meanings astrologers now accept. I found it a clear and fairly rational assessment, but was still left with a big question. As usual!

Mr Frawley theorises that the "pictures" said to be formed by the stars and constellations are helpfully symbolic, devised by ancients who understood the stars' intrinsic natures. He surmises that the stars' natures were not discovered empirically - i.e. by observation and experiment, but writes that:"Our astrologer forebears understood the nature of individual stars."

But how? How?

In spite of that frustrating question, the excerpt is a good read. The answer to my question might be revealed elsewhere in his book.

I was curious to take a peek at Mr. Frawley's own astrology. He has Sun in Taurus, Moon in Pisces and Capricorn rising. Hmmmm - quite surprising I thought - until I noticed from the Astrodatabank chart that his natal Moon falls in the 6th degree of Pisces which is on, or very close to, Fixed Star Deneb Adige, thought to have association with astrology. As it happens, my natal Jupiter, at 6.03 Pisces is close to that star too.

There's an interesting interview with John Frawley, by Garry Phillipson at Skyscript - HERE.
With regard to his natal chart he had this to say:

Q: Would you be willing to reveal your birth data?
16th May 1955, at twenty to one in the morning BST, in London.

Q: Could you home in on one or two factors in your chart which explain why you've been attracted towards the path in astrology which you have taken?
Yes, I would say a very strong Saturn: Capricorn rising; Saturn on the MC. Saturn, obviously, gives a respect for tradition; an awareness that you can't just make it up for yourself, or take it from someone who thinks they just have, and a willingness to accept the discipline of learning how to do it properly, rather than adopting the popular attitude of "it doesn't work for me, so I'll dream up my own method".

This Saturn influence makes it comparatively easy to get the focus I spoke of above: one doesn't expect to please, so one can go rather more easily for what the chart shows to be true.


Wisewebwoman said...

I just hate that, when the important question remains unexplored and unanswered.
Serious FAIL.

Twilight said...

WWW ~~~ Yes, agreed. I hope there will be some semblance of an answer in the book.