Saturday, March 13, 2010

Another US Radical ~ Emma Goldman

Emma Goldman was born on 27 June 1869 in Kovno, Lithuania, then part of the Russian Empire. She emigrated to the USA, with her sister, in 1885 and found employment in a New York clothing factory. Soon after her arrival in the states an uprising of workers in Chicago resulted in the execution of four anarchists, who came to be known as "The Haymarket Martyrs".

They had been prominent trade union activists leading the struggle for an eight-hour day. Framed for a bombing, the authorities hoped that this would scare off the emerging trade union movement, especially its anarchist component. The international outcry which followed these executions on trumped up charges helped to shape Emma's radical and anarchist ideals, which lasted throughout her long life..............

Emma Goldman was a formidable public speaker and a prolific writer. Her whole life was devoted to struggle and she was controversial even within the radical and anarchist movement itself. She was one of the first radicals to address the issue of homosexuality, she was a fighter for women's rights, and she advocated the virtues of free love. These ideas were viewed with suspicion by those who placed their faith in the cure-all solution of economic class warfare and they were denounced by many of her contemporaries as "bourgeois inspired" at best.

To mainstream Americans, Emma was known as a demonic "dynamite eating anarchist". She toured the States, agitating and lecturing everywhere she went. She was hounded for much of her life by FBI agents and was imprisoned in 1893, 1901, 1916, 1918, 1919, and 1921 on charges ranging from incitement to riot to advocating the use of birth control to opposition to World War 1.

A self proclaimed anarchist, Leon Czolgosz, assassinated President William McKinley in 1901 and this event unleashed a massive wave of anti-anarchist hysteria throughout the States. Emma was blamed for his action and was forced into hiding for a time. She was deported from the United States, Holland, France, and was denied entry to many other countries. None of this daunted her, she began publishing 'Mother Earth' magazine in 1906 and was very active in the No-Conscription League.

Emma Goldman died in 1940, and though exiled for many years, her body was allowed back into the USA for burial in Chicago, not far from the graves of the "Haymarket Martyrs".

Whole books have been written about the life of Ms Goldman - it's impossible to cover it sensibly in a brief blog post, but there's enough information in the extract above to get an idea of this lady's character.

Here's her natal chart set for 12 noon. Astrodatabank has a 3pm time of birth, but it is categorised as "DD" - dirty data, and unreliable. That time puts her natal Moon in mid-Aquarius with Scorpio rising. I'll rely on a 12 noon chart to point out some interesting factors.

Most significant of all is rebel planet Uranus conjunct Venus, in the midst of a cluster of personal planets in Cancer. Cancer isn't the first sign that springs to mind when considering an anarchist whose life's work consisted of fighting the system - the status quo. When Uranus is closely involved though, all of Cancer's homely cuddly sentimentality goes out the window. Her natal Moon would have been in Aquarius whatever time she was born, and more likely than not in scratchy aspect to either her Sun/Mercury or Venus/Uranus in Cancer. Aquarius and Cancer are not best pals of the zodiac, any aspect between them is going to be scratchy at best - accounting for her less than typically Cancerian nature - as portrayed to the public, at least.

Mars in Virgo on one side and Jupiter in Taurus on the other form harmonious sextiles to Uranus/Venus. Saturn in Sagittarius could well form a sextile to Moon which then links Moon and Saturn via two quincunx aspects to Uranus, forming a Yod. Astrologers consider that the "energies" of the sextiled planets emerge via the qualities of the planet at the apex of the Yod - in this case, what could seem more appropriate : Moon (inner self) and Saturn (career) emerging through Uranus (rebellion)?


Wisewebwoman said...

I often wonder what extra quality is in these heroes that make them fight so long and so hard for human rights?

Twilight said...

WWW ~~~ Yes, I do too. I suppose it's different in every case, there doesn't seem to be a clear common astrological factor - although Uranus the rebel planet does plays an important part in the ones I've investigated. It's a spark of obtuseness in their nature, (as well as the ability to see injustice very clearly and in
3D - not sure where that comes from).

I'll keep looking - some more coming up this week.

Ron Southern said...

e.e. cummings, Emma Gold? Pretty cool. America is radicalizing you bit by bit, or are you only a window on the world?

In the movie, "Reds", Emma didn't like John Reed's wife (the Diane Keaton character). One is left with the impression that she dismissed "pretty women" pretty fast.

Twilight said...

Ron Southern ~~ spluttering and falling off chair....(spotted this before logging off)

America radicalzing me?????
You jest. I'm probably the most radical of anything on two legs within thousands of miles of here.
I'm a socialist and atheist with nowhere to go but into my blog dont ya know?

LOL!!!! The idea that America could radicalize anything nowadays is joke of the week, Ron. ;-)