Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Idol's Best Hopefuls

As the astrology bloggers' friendly neighbourhood American Idol fan, I ought to report now and again on the progress of this season's Idol bandwagon.

Contestants have now been winnowed to 10 females and 10 males, two of each to be eliminated after viewers' votes following tonight's and tomorrow night's shows. Results will be reported on a show on Thursday evening. Phew! Another Idol marathon, like last week's coming up.

I took a look at the ephemeris to compare this season's outer planetary positions with those of this time last year. Uranus and Neptune are still in semi-sextile and mutual reception (in each other's rulerships), and in even tighter semi-sextile than they were last year. Saturn is retrograding back into Virgo, where it was for last season - so the "atmosphere" planet-wise is much the same. Creative and unexpected performances will go down well (Uranus/Neptune) but there could later be backlash against any who are not what the viewers and producers consider to be "squeaky clean" (Saturn in Virgo).

I've yet to find any birth dates of contestants. In the absence of being able to predict progress on the basis of natal charts I visited a betting website OLBG Sports to investigate their views.

As it happens their top three are mine too - though in a different order.

They report:

Andrew Garcia can be backed at 4/1. A young dad from Southern California, sports big neck tattoo and heavy specs; already well-known as a singer in his own locality and on YouTube. Seems to have the ability to re-work established arrangements and present fresh versions of songs.

Casey James at 7/1. Singer-songwriter type from Texas, nice looking with a natural charm about him. Some journalists parrot the term "cougar bait" - very annoying, both for him (I'm sure) and for viewers with a smidgen of discernment. The situation wasn't helped by silly judge Kara going all girly and ga-ga over him during auditions. Thank goodness for Ellen DeGeneres!

Crystal Bowersox at 7/1. Single mum currently from Chicago but a former country girl from Ohio, she sports blonde dreadlocks, plays acoustic guitar, can sound Joplinesque. Definitely different from the average female Idol contestant.

I'd venture to rank Casey James above Andrew Garcia. Casey is the one I'll be waiting to hear each week - in the way I waited to hear Adam Lambert last season. Casey has an extra "something", as well as being a seasoned performer, and professional musician. He has a rather colorful past, it seems. I do hope the strait-laced brigade don't come out in force against him. Apparently some 9 years ago he spent time in jail for driving offences. These were misdemeanors, not crimes. While not admirable in any way, they are long past. He hasn't offended since, and back then he paid his dues.

Andrew Garcia is a gifted singer, no doubt about it. He'll be in the last half dozen for sure. Crystal Bowersox is the least "plastic" of the 10 gals, a "real" performer, no glamor-puss but natural and hugely talented.


Shawn Carson said...

casey showed that he is a true rocker and i am rooting for him now

Twilight said...

Shawn ~~~ Oh good! Yes, his guitar playing was great this week.
He's versatile. Reminds me a bit of Bo Bice who was my favourite several seasons back.

Anonymous said...

i'm rooting for John Parks, he so reminds me of John Lennon

Twilight said...

myrlock ~~~ I was sorry he was eliminated this week. I think he chose the wrong songs - a lot of that going on this season.

One of the contestants keeps reminding me, facially, of Paul McCartney...I think his name is Alex Lambert. :-)