Thursday, October 22, 2009

Zodiac Sign SCORPIO

The Sun moves into zodiac sign Scorpio today. Sandwiched between charming Libra and happy-go-lucky Sagittarius, Scorpio can't compete in any feel-good way, but it provides the sharp salty bite between the two.

Scorpio is the eighth of 12 zodiac signs - and it's important to remind myself that it is A SIGN, not a label to be put upon a person born between 22/ 23 October and 22/23 November (give or take a day, as it varies slightly from year to year). Scorpio is one of twelve areas marking the Earth's presence at a certain point on its orbit around the Sun. When Sun, Moon, planets or sensitive points in a natal chart are found in the area of Scorpio, or any other sign, astrology tells us that the properties or "atmosphere" of that area are "absorbed" and mingled with the properties of the celestial bodies or sensitive points present there.

When the Sun lies in the sign of Scorpio, astrologers consider that the properties of the sign are usually most apparent in an individual born during those 30 or so days. This is how the shorthand expressions "he's a Scorpio", or "she's a Leo", etc. came about. It is only shorthand though, and as any secretary from days of yore will know, shorthand leaves out a lot of detail and nuance. Not every person born with Sun in Scorpio will exhibit all the traits traditionally connected with the sign. Some Sun Scorpio people will even seem like foreigners to their Sun sign, due to strong emphasis elsewhere in their natal charts.

Some keywords, positive and negative, for the Fixed Water sign of Scorpio are: penetrating, incisive, secretive, investigative, transformative, passionate, intense, erotic, stubborn, tenacious, hard worker, intuitive, paranoid, suspicious, mystical, cynical, destructive, unforgiving.

I try to give examples of people I've known personally to illustrate my monthly diatribes on the signs of the zodiac. In the case of people born with Sun in Scorpio, I haven't much to offer. Perhaps they are not drawn to me. I'm not especially drawn to them in person, though I have found myself drawn to the writings of some Scorpio-heavy authors. The two friendships I've had in my life with Sun in Scorpio people have ended badly. In both cases I inadvertently said something which upset them and was not forgiven for it; we never crossed paths again. I have to admit to a streak of this in my own nature too, courtesy of Mars in Scorpio, but it is usually, not always, kept in check by milder traits. Interestingly, both Sun Scorpios I've known well were also married to Sun Scorpios, and both had serious marital difficulties - so "were" is probably the operative word! There's a lesson there somewhere.

Astrologer Alan Oken, in his book "Complete Astrology" writes that

"Scorpio is the sign most easily susceptible to the forces of Dark or the illuminations of Light."

Which neatly explains why Scorpio has two symbols: the scorpion and the eagle, representing the dark and light sides of this complex, and sometimes misunderstood sign.


Lise said...

Its interesting you haven't had good experiences with Scorps, I am a Scorpio but have a Mars in Cancer and haven't found great rships with Cancers, they seem to press my 'anger' button, so may be the Scorpios have done the same for you.
As a Scorpio, I would hope that I've embodied or strived to embody the higher end of the Scorpio; I tend to sting myself instead of others if there's any pay back in any rship situation, but I think living as a Scorpio, who has a lot of water in my chart plus a Moon sq Pluto, if someone is thoroughly upfront and honest with me, courageous, I will always on bended knee respect that person till the day I die. Yes we are an intense bunch, you should try living as one, its not an easy journey when your feelings run so intensely, you see through BS and have such a desire to root through it all and get to the truth and the realness of any situation. I guess we need to take ourselves and situations a little less seriously but then everything is serious to us, gosh we can't be pleased!
Enjoyed reading this thank you!
Lise :^)

Twilight said...

Lise ~~~ Hello!
Well, my experience with the Sun Scopios I've known was fine until I annoyed them - unintentionally.
I suppose those experiences have made me wary now. :-) but your point about the sign Mars is found in is interesting. I'll watch for that in future.

You explain Scorpio's situation very well, from a personal viewpoint & with experience of how it feels. It sounds both satisfying and uncomfortable at the same time!

With regard to BS - yes, there's a lot of it about, for sure. But not everything is BS, and if one gets into the habit of expecting and suspecting everything to be BS, life is going to seem very serious and not much fun.

Thanks for stopping by and for commenting. It's always good to have examples of personal experience of the way astrology works. :-)

Twilight said...
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Candela said...

Interestingly, most Scorpios I know are family members and relatives. My father is a Scorpio, and one of my Pisces aunts has been married to a Scorpio since I was a toddler. In my 20's, I spent so much time with my ex's family I became de facto familymember. His mother (a war child born in 1939, with one of the most wildly aspected charts I've ever seen) and older brother are Scorpios. Then, of course, my younger brother has Scorpio rising (it's actually amazing to see how a typical Gemini child has morphed into a prototypically Scorpio young adult) as does my partner's godson (who had the piercing Scorpio eyes even as a baby).

What's remarkable is that even if these aren't "chosen" relationships, they have been very harmonious. That's not been the case with Acquarius (famale) or Virgo (male) familymembers, who have seemingly better synastries with my chart.

Twilight said...

Hi Candela ~~~ Thanks for adding your own experience here.

I think that growing up with the influence of Scorpio in one's family, even if the sign is not particularly compatible with one's own chart, must help in understanding, blending with and appreciating the sign's qualities. Same applies to any other sign too, of course!

In a way, family (close and extended), provides another aspect or element to add to the natal chart, and has to be seriously taken into account when trying to fathom the whys and wherefores of it all.