Monday, October 12, 2009

NOVELS (& Columbus Day)

It's not easy to find novels to suit my taste, so I don't read many these days. I've come across three novels lately though which fit my bill. Though two of these aren't about astrology as such, they might appeal to the same people who enjoy astrology and mystical stuff in general.

Two are by the same author, John Nelson, a student of metaphysical thought for over 25 years, we are told. I've tried to find a biography on Mr. Nelson, or his birth data, without success, apart from "b.1947". In one of the books he's described as a writer and director in the film industry, book editor and (at the time) editorial director of Bear and Company. Lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico -lucky man!

"Starborn: A mystical tale". Published in several printings between 1978 and 1993. Edward Doolittle is born with the accumulated knowledge and psychic power of over 50 lifetimes, and is very quickly swept into an archetypal struggle against evil, personified by a female child psychologist and others who plot to conquer the world, and enforce global bliss with a carefully indoctrinated cabal of child geniuses.

It's a slim volume of only 133 pages, would be accessible to younger readers as well as adults. I enjoyed it, but wished I could get a vision, of Stewie from TV's Family Guy playing Edward, out of my mind's eye and ear as I read. (Chuckles).

"Transformations: A story of human evolution", published 1988 and 1997. Also by John Nelson, this is longer and more complex than his first novel, "Starborn". It's a blend of mystical and sci-fi, left-brain and right-brain issues.

A stranger appears in a California town and seems to infect those he meets with a peculiar virus, which eventually precipitates an evolutionary crisis. "They are becoming the image in their visions, an image recently discovered on the walls of excavated caves, the God of this valley's race of ancient humans."

I enjoyed this one too. I couldn't help thinking it'd make a very good movie, and as it happens, all of John Nelson's novels have indeed been optioned for motion pictures, according to a note in one of the books.

The third book might already be known to some astrology bloggers and blog readers:
"Rising Sign: Book One in the Star Child Trilogy", by Jared R. Lopatin, who also writes the blog "Sign in Ink", from whence the book can be purchased.

This novel, unlike the two above, is astrologically based. "Rising Sign heralds the birth of the Star Child, the only one who can protect the universe from a deadly threat. On a seemingly ordinary day in Philadelphia, an unwelcome visitor awakens Tim Dalis to the Star Child's world, a world of astrological power. As decreed by prophecy, he is one of the 12 guardians of the Child." An enjoyable and imaginative novel; again one which could evolve into a good TV drama series or movie.

The books by John Nelson are available used at Amazon (Starborn), and new and used Amazon(Transformations) as well as other on-line outlets.


AND, remembering today is .......................

Columbus Day

Mister Christopher Columbus
Sailed the sea without a compass
When his men began a rumpus
Up spoke, Christopher Columbus

There is land somewhere
Until we get there,
We will not go wrong,
If we sing, 'swing a song'

Since the world is round,
We'll be safe and sound
Til our goal is found,
We'll just keep rhythm bound

Soon the crew was makin' merry
Then came a yell, 'Let's drink to Isabelle,
Hum, bring the rum, Ho Hum'

No more mutiny,
What a time at sea
With di-plo-ma-cy
Christy made his-to-ry

Mister Christopher Columbus
He used rhythm as a compass
Music ended all the rumpus
Wise old Christopher Columbus.

Songwriters: Leon Berry & Andy Razaf


Wisewebwoman said...

here it is thanksgiving, T. and roight thankful I is.
those books sound intriguing, I might just dip in.

Laura said...

Thanks for sharing these. I will definitely take a look.

Twilight said...

WWW ~~~ Hope you had a pleasant Thanksgiving. :-)

Laaura ~~~~ Hi! Yes, those novels are definitely different. :-)

anthonynorth said...

I haven't read any of these. I'll have to look them up.

Twilight said...

AN ~~~ You'd probably like the two by John Nelson, the other one might be "a bridge too far" for you (astrology-wise) ;-)