Tuesday, October 27, 2009


When searching for some information the other day I found an excellent piece on Scorpio's ruler, Pluto and its transits through the 20th century. This is actually a diploma thesis, in pdf format, written by Jo Munro. A link to the pdf can be found on this page - scroll down a way....

In conclusion Ms Munro states:
To my knowledge, no-one has written about generations in this context. The research I have undertaken in the process of writing this has clarified my understanding of the personalities of the signs and shown me the clear meaning of a Pluto transit. I do believe that the information that is provided by the transit of Pluto through a sign without any other astrological references can be used as a reasonable predictor of future patterns. Finally, it also shows the important contributions and legacy that each generation leaves behind for the next one to continue.

Some thoughts on Scorpio with recipes for a Scorpio birthday dinner displayed as extracts from "An Astrological Cookbook" to which one can subscribe HERE.

Fancy a Scorpio tattoo?

"Moon In the Scorpio" at Limbonic Art, with lyrics and illustrations. A preview of title track and others at Amazon HERE. The cd, if new, is priced at $179 though - and in general not recommended to lighten the spirits!

Tarot and Scorpio - another somewhat depressing view, I think.... cards associated with the sign: Death, The Lightning Struck Tower, and Judgment.

Ending on a positive note: a lovely story about an eagle, the alternative symbol for Scorpio. It's written by Jeff Guidry, an account of his experience with "Freedom" the eagle, at Sarvey Wildlife Center.


Unknown said...

Thanks, Twilight. What a fabulous story about Freedom. Wow, what a lady bird. That story definitely has the feelgood factor. I can't stop smiling.

Twilight said...

Rossa ~~~ I'm glad you enjoyed it.
I love it too. :-)