Monday, October 05, 2009


We didn't see David Letterman's unexpected confession last week, in his late night show, but the internet was full of reports of it later, so we caught up rapidly.

I wasn't too surprised by the news. Letterman's a show-biz celebrity, "the casting couch" is, after all, part of show biz legend. Why would we be surprised? As far as I can tell, celebrities, including some politicians, march to a very different drummer from many of us who live outside of those privileged circles.

It did surprise me when the identity of the perpetrator of the proposed extortion was revealed. A man like Robert J. Halderman, with all his experience of journalistic life and show-biz would surely not be naive enough to think he'd get away with his plot - at least, not on the evidence we've seen so far. Unless, perhaps Mr. Halderman is suffering some kind of breakdown following what seems to have been a succession of personally traumatic times, family-wise and finance-wise. If so, his actions could be something akin to, but on a very much more damaging scale than, the celebrities arrested for shoplifting, reports of which surface with some regularity.

I've looked for Mr. Halderman's birth data without success, for I think his chart might be useful in fathoming why on earth he though he could get away with what almost seems like the plot of a bad episode of a TV drama.

Proper astrologers have discussed Letterman's chart at the weekend - Lynn Hayes at Beliefnet, and Shelley Ackerman at Karmic Relief. Shelley does mention Mr. Halderman's date of birth, but I can't find the source or his place of birth, so felt it wise to wait. I'm sure details will surface soon.

My own last assessment of David Letterman and his chart, some months ago during the Sarah Palin debacle, is HERE. I downgraded my previously warm opinion of him then. Looking again at the chart in my old post, I see that Black Moon Lilith conjoins his natal Moon - and I did try to interpret that at the time. I'm beginning to get the hang of BML - there's a little more evidence here to add to my collection!

Letterman obviously did the right thing by making public what would otherwise have been rooted out by media and made even worse. I feel sorry for his wife and son, and of course, for his mother who occasionally appears on his show. Those ladies probably were well aware of his shenanigans. Even so, current publicity will be embarrassing and hurtful.

I have a funny feeling that there's more to this story - another chapter to open. I decided to ask the Tarot, and the 3 cards I drew after shuffling were:
Queen of Swords/3 of Swords/6 of Coins. I'm always amazed at the aptness of the cards! There's a woman, a heartbreak and money (though 6 of Coins is usually linked to philanthropic matters). I won't interpret further, but others will probably see what story might be contained in those cards. Actually, this wasn't exactly what I was expecting. We'll see.


Wisewebwoman said...

What surprises me more is that there isn't much more exposure (Oops sorry for awful pun!) and then it occurred to me (a la M. Jackson) that hushmoney is just that. Paid for hush. David couldn't see an ending, I suppose.

Laura said...

Yes I totally agree that these celebrities seem to think that they are protected from the outside world and that they are invincible. In the end he obvioulsy realised it was best to come clean though.

Twilight said...

WWW and Laura

Ah well, it's just another show-biz episode and new material for their shows for some, and a world of hurt for others.

Ron Southern said...

Almost nobody ever comes completely clean until they are forced into it. You can hope, but shouldn't depend on it, that David Letterman didn't pressure an 18-year-old or someone in financial distress or someone who expected a promotion for the act. There are many ways to take advantage of or doing wrong to others, not all of which are proveable, punishable crimes.

Twilight said...

Ron ~~~ Yes, that's very true.
Although close encounters of this kind in the workplace are common, when "the boss" is involved there is always going to be an undercurrent of doubt about motive - either on the part of the boss - or the employee, who, in fact, might have been the instigator, but bosses have to be big boys and girls and withstand such temptation - if they're wise. :-)

Ron Southern said...

On the cusp of being vulgar, I have to think it's incumbent on the "boss" to keep his penis in his pants because opening the door to sex in the workplace always risks getting the door slammed shut on it later! All men may know this, but Important Men don't bother to keep it in mind. It's so much more fun to be an ape!

Twilight said...

Ron ~~~ (Chortles) Such is life !
I guess being an Important Person must be like being drugged or hypnotised (by one's own ego), the mind must function on a different level or dimension - or something. They are definitely a sub-species of our race, those Important People (human race, that is).

Ron Southern said...

Good one, Ann, about the drugs and hypnosis remark!!!

Twilight said...

Ron ~~~ :-)