Saturday, October 10, 2009

My Week That Was

For me, that was one of those funny ol' weeks. They come along every now and then. There should be some indication in the transits to my natal chart to account for it but the only vague connection I can see is my natal Neptune being "embraced" by transiting Saturn and Venus, one on each side, like a good cop/bad cop scenario. Transiting Uranus (my Sun's ruler) was/is opposing Venus from Pisces. None of that seems to translate clearly into my funny ol' week though.

In the very early hours of Monday morning I had to leap out of bed and dash to the loo vomiting (the rest came later)- a side effect of the anti-biotics the doctor had prescribed for my sinus infection and headache the previous week. I rang the doc's office after 9 o'clock, told the receptionist of the problem, asked should I stop the tablets or finish the 10-day course. She took details of my pharmacy etc. and said she'd get back to me asap. She didn't. I felt too bad to chase and chide. Tuesday, still no call from the doc's office by late morning. My husband, who had to go out on another errand, decided to call in personally and remind them. They'd call me, they said. Eventually someone did and said the doctor advised not to continue the tablets, and wanted me to have a blood test; no reason given. "Can you come right now, we close at 2pm". I went. The nurse said, "We'll let you know if there's anything abnormal". Wednesday - nothing from the doc's office, Thursday likewise. Friday likewise. I'd been kind of expecting them to tell me there was a new prescription faxed to my pharmacy. Nothing.

At the same time as the above was happening - or rather stagnating, there was the issue of my sick computer which had been deposited at the computer shop the previous Friday. I got a call from a tech on Monday who told me that one problem is a defective fan, but he wasn't sure a replacement would be available from Dell. He would make enquiries and let me know. It took me less than 5 minutes to check on-line that there seems to be a fan available on the Dell parts site for that model. I had still not heard further from the tech by Friday 3pm, when the shop closes for the weekend.

I had been feeling generally disgruntled, so to cheer myself I started looking at possibilities for a replacement computer at the Dell Refurbished Outlet site. I noticed one, not refurbished but categorised as "Scratch and Dent" (outer case blemished but not affecting performance - bit like myself!) at a very reasonable price. After hemming and hawing for hours I ordered it, it seems exactly what I need. That was Tuesday late afternoon, by noon on Thursday the new computer had been delivered! Amazing! And I had still not heard from the the computer tech, or the doctor's office.

As I said, it's been a funny ol' week, filled with discomfort and inefficiency on the one hand, and incredible service and efficiency on the other. I suppose that the doctor is angling for another visit and the attendant $$$, before he'll prescribe an alternative anti-bio; and we can't get the new computer on-line and onto our home network without the help of a tech....and the circle goes round and around!

So our President Obama has been honored with the Nobel Peace Prize. I was happy to hear the news, but my pleasure soon turned to dismay as I read some of the articles and comments which quickly followed the announcement. What is wrong with so many Americans (on both sides of the political divide, by the way) that they cannot feel happy that their President, and by association their country, has been thus honored? What right have they to question a sincere decision made by a group of people in Europe? I see such objections, criticisms and rude comments as extreme bad manners. But then, the internet is highlighting so much that is wrong here nowadays.

I did read a few nice comments, however. The quote from "Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway" by Susan Jeffers below is taken from a comment at the BBC's website and comes from someone in the UK. I've taken the liberty of copying it here:

At 5:28pm on 09 Oct 2009, ukwales wrote:

"People are unreasonable,illogical and self-centred:
Love them anyway!

If you do good,people will accuse you of selfish motives:
Do good anyway!

If you`re successful,you will win false friends and true enemies:
Succeed anyway!

The good you do today will be forgotten tomorrow:
Do good any way!

Honesty and frankness make you vulnerable:
Be honest and frank any way!

The biggest people with the biggest ideas can be shot down by the smallest people with the smallest minds:
Think big anyway!

People favour underdogs but follow only top dogs:
Fight for some under dogs anyway!

What you spend years building may be destroyed overnight:
Build anyway!

People need help but may attack if you help them:
Help them anyway!

Give the world the best you`ve got and you will get kicked in the teeth:
Give the world the best you`ve got anyway!"

Don`t stop Mr Obama.


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