Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Saturn-Uranus Style

Searching for an illustration without the ubiquitous turkey led me to discover this New Yorker cover for Thanksgiving 2006, by illustrator, comic book artist and cartoonist, Chris Ware. I like his spare, crisp style and subtle colours. I like the spirit of this illustration and I found in it an echo of the current Saturn-Uranus opposition - tradition versus modernity. I was amused to find, when I looked at his date of birth and set up a 12 noon natal chart for him, that he has a Saturn-Uranus opposition natally, with Saturn at 5 Aries and Uranus at 29 Virgo - not in opposite signs, but well within orb - or limit of what is mathematically accepted as an opposition.

His sparse style reflects Sun/Mercury in restrictive, structured Capricorn - and his mode of operation also includes the old and the new. Wikipedia tells us:

"Although his precise, geometrical layouts may appear to some to be computer-generated, in fact Ware works almost exclusively with "old-fashioned" drawing tools such as paper and pencil, rulers and T-squares. He does, however, sometimes use photocopies and transparencies, and employs a computer to color his strips."

We're invited to spend Thanksgiving with my husband's eldest daughter, family and friends, and I'm pretty sure we'll resemble the first illustration rather than the second one - reflecting traditional Saturn rather than ultra-modern change-driven Uranus. Saturn does have a good side, after all!

..... to all in the USA tomorrow, whichever style of Thanksgiving you prefer, and happy ordinary tomorrow to everybody else!


anthonynorth said...

Have an enyoyable day. Of course, me in the UK, I'll be at it as normal. Huh!! :-)

Twilight said...

Thanks AN!

Never mind - it'll soon be Christmas and YOUR Turkey Day. :-)

Wisewebwoman said...

Happy Thanksgiving, T. We already had ours, as you know, in October.
I just love those New Yorker illustrations. Says it all

Twilight said...

Thank you WWW !

Yes, I like them too - I'll have to investigate some of Chris Ware's other work. I'd never heard of him. I like discovering new illustrators - American artists seem to be especially good in the genre.