Saturday, November 29, 2008

Experiencing the Outers

Before I decided to write a blog I used to read and occasionally contribute to a couple of astrology message boards. I don't visit often nowadays, but happened to land on one of my old stomping grounds this week: Astronuts at Tribe. I noticed a thread which intrigues me, headed: Uranus, Neptune, Pluto: Experience the Energy. Using Youtube videos the thread's originator hopes that connecting a planetary symbol with a tone, an energy and maybe a visual will be helpful in better understanding the "energies" associated with that planet. He uses some linked YouTube video presentations to illustrate his point.

The thread's originator is one of two or three professional astrologers who generously spend some of their time on the forum teaching and enlightening its readers. Most regulars know the person behind the nickname - see here.

It's interesting to look at the examples the astrologer provides, which are mainly visual rather than musical. Travelling further down the thread of comments, suggestions from forum members tend to be more musical than visual.

I gave this a little thought myself, concentrating on popular music. I don't know where to start looking for purely visual presentations, nor am I sufficiently familiar with classical music to pick out something appropriate in that genre. There are probably thousands of better examples than mine to be found, but as the astrologer pointed out, this can only be subjective, depending on how each person perceives these planetary "energies". So.....

NEPTUNE's dreamy, foggy illusion-laden imagination immediately suggests Enya to me. I compiled a video illustrating Neptunian connections for this blog last year using Enya's "Angels" as background music, so I shall stick with that piece. (my own video is here).
A YouTube presentation of Enya's "Angels"

URANUS - hmmmm. Zany, rebellious, inventive, unexpected, change......
The Beatles' "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" video at YouTube has the right look and "feel".

PLUTO - Intensity, secrets, transformation, sex, death......
Not yer usual ingredients for a catchy popular song!
A Garth Brooks' song and video, "The Thunder Rolls", has the atmosphere though.

Any suggestions? Even passing readers without much knowledge of astrology might consider the exercise, using just the keywords I've included as guides.


Robert Phoenix said...

Love the topic Twilight. Here's some suggestions for the outers:

1) Anarchy In The UK -- Sex Pistols
2) Blinded Me With Science -- Thomas Dolby
3) Kings Lead Hat -- Brian Eno
4) Sufragette City -- David Bowie

1) Little Fluffy Clouds -- The Orb
2) Love Will Tear Us Apart -- Joy Division
3) Walk On The Wild Side -- Lou Reed
4) Dweller On The Threshold -- Van Morrison

1) The End -- The Doors
2) Winter In America -- Gil Scott Heron
3) End of The World -- U2
4) Beacause The Night -- Patti Smith

Fun topic -- Thanks!

Twilight said...

Oh good! Thank you Robert. I was hoping someone would add a bit of "cool" to my rather obvious selections ! Just from the titles those sound to be spot on - I'll investigate the ones I'm not familar with (most of 'em in fact 0 old quare that I am!) ;-)

Anonymous said...

why is there a Swastika in your logo?

Twilight said...

Anonymous - There isn't!
You must be seeing things.