Thursday, November 20, 2008

12 Inconsequential Things

"Inconsequential things that men don't really care to know, become essential things that women find so appropo"... I'm warbling that rather sexist song "Girl Talk" as I type........

This is what's known in blogland as a "meme", and this one is a me - me - me meme, its object: to make a list of things about oneself. I lifted it from The Other Side of Sixty, and further back along the meme chain, was Conor. Conor chipped in with 200 things about himself, Wisewebwoman reduced her list to 30, I'm going to restrict myself to 12, because we're in a recession, and we ought to practice parsimony, but in any case.... and here comes #13: I'm a wee bit shy!

I've tried to give my 12 a flavour of the 12 zodiac signs, keyword for each is highlighted. ~~

1. I walk quickly, companions have been known to complain bitterly! (Aries)

2. I once lost all my possessions in a fire. (Taurus)

3. I'm not good at speaking to groups. At work, I once embarrassingly completely dried up when giving a report to a committee. I'm better one-to-one. And it's more fun. (Gemini)

4. Sensitivity & sentimentality on legs - that's me! Insect bites, pollen and some cosmetics bring out the itches and tingles. Parades, chick flicks and a multitude of other stuff start me blubbing..(Cancer)

5. Once, after an evening of celebratory drinking I elected to sing "Something Stupid" with a professional entertainer who did tributes to Sinatra. My performance was indisputably - something very stupid! (Leo)

6. Health-wise, I was born with only one side of the thyroid gland developed. The existing side enlarged, as luck would have it. Oh -- and I absolutely hate going to the doctor, for anything !(Virgo)

7. I've had three marriages/long-term relationships, all with men of different nationalities from myself: Italian, Northern Irish, American. (Libra)

8. I've tried, experimentally to work a magic spell. Nothing happened. Some years ago I asked a mystical magician for help with a problem - it worked (I think!). (Scorpio)

9. I'm disenchanted with organised religion, but still like hymns and carols with good tunes, and my favourite movie is and will always be "Ben Hur". (Sagittarius)

10. I like lawyers - somebody has to! (Capricorn)

11. The most unexpected thing I've ever done: during a period when alone and lonely I chatted to guys, via the wondrous technology of the internet, in a way I would never, ever, ever chat to anybody in real life. (Aquarius)

12. I'm afaid of looking down into deep, still water, as in swimming pools, yet love the rolling sea - but from the shore. (Pisces)


Wisewebwoman said...

Very interesting list, T. I also hate doctors, doctors' visits, I'm always waiting for a bad report of some kind along the lines of "you have one month to live".
As to organized religion, I'm with you, I still love "The Messiah" and Gregorian Chant, etc., whilst thinking it part of some mythology or other.
I had a dear friend, Judy, (now deceased) who looked very much like you and when she turned fifty she told me her father had named her after Judy Garland and she was finally going to live up to it. And she did. She started dancing and then performing and then gave up her profession to teach it. I've learned so much from her about feeling the fear but doing it anyway.

Twilight said...

WWW ~~ Funny you should say that about your friend Judy and her being named after Judy Garland.
My parents gave me 3 Christian names the first (unused by me) was the same as a lady for whom my Mum worked just after her and Dad married - a writer for a classy women's magazine. I never did live up to the name, but maybe now, blogging could be said to be a magazine writer's poor realtion. So the blog can be my tribute to a long ago namesake. :-)

anthonynorth said...

A good list there. As for doctors, I hate going to them, too. And it's reciprocated - being a cfs sufferer, they usually hate me going to them.

Twilight said...

AN ~~~ yes, I can sympathise!
I can never tell if they dislike me as much as I dislike them, because they are always in such a hurry - which is fine by me. ;-)