Monday, November 03, 2008


It's a long time since I felt so keyed-up! I could weep and jump for joy at the same time. Neither is appropriate - yet! The roller-coaster ride to the US general election is almost at an end. "Roller-coaster" is apt, the ride wasn't nearly graceful enough to be likened to the Carousel or Waltzers. It has been zany enough at times to resemble the Fun House, and scary as the Ghost Train at others. But even more appropriate than the Roller-coaster is the House of Mirrors, astrologically this would be the domain of Neptune.

Neptune features strongly in this election. After a period of apparent backward motion the planet began to move direct on 2 November. Neptune relates to illusion, delusion, imagination, and an aura of fogginess. The planet is prominent in Senator Obama's natal chart, and in Sarah Palin's, both have Sun square Neptune, both have an ability to project to the public the image each person wishes to see. Transiting Neptune stationing close to Obama's ascendant and Palin's Sun (and my re-located ascendant) on election day is likely to intensify this "see what you want to see" effect, all day long and for some long while afterwards. House of Mirrors!

The sky could not be more aptly in tune with what's going on just now - Uranus at 18* Pisces exactly opposite Saturn at 18* Virgo: Change (Uranus) opposes the status quo (Saturn).

Mercury concluded its retrograde period in October, which is good news. There's less potential for technical hitches in the voting process - though many suspect human manipulation might still cause a few of those!

It'll be my first chance to vote in my new country. I'll take great satisfaction in doing so after experiencing, over the last four years, an expensive roller-coaster ride myself, immigration-wise! I'd been in the USA just over a week when George W. Bush was re-elected president in 2004. That was a bitter disappointment. Although my initial status as a legal permanent resident was adequate for most purposes, it didn't allow me to vote. Determined that I'd be able to do so by 2008, I applied for US citizenship immediately I became eligible. That final process took exactly one year, now I get to reap the reward for all the frustration involved.

We might take advantage of early voting at the courthouse today if the lines are not as long as they were on Friday. Otherwise, we'll be at our local precinct voting station bright eyed and bushy-tailed tomorrow morning.


Wisewebwoman said...

Oh that song brings back many memories, T. A friend of mine used to sing it as a 'party piece' in Ireland way back.
Oh fingers crossed on this important election. All things being fair, BO should make it, but we can't count him in until the count is in.
I'm so glad you're voting!

R J Adams said...

Ah, a delightful song from the film 'New Moon', starring my mother's favorite beau, Nelson Eddy, - and of course, Jeanette McDonald. It didn't sound like him singing, but my old 78rpm version has been so long gone, I couldn't be sure.
Will 'New Moon' usher in a 'New Era' in US politics? One can only hope. Relish your moment of voting, you certainly earned it.

Twilight said...

WWW and RJ ~~~ Hi!

We've just got back from Early Voting at the courthouse, managed to catch it before the lines became long. Just a 20 min. wait, but the line behind us lengthened quickly. I have a horrible feeling most would be voting for McCain, his yard signs outnumber Obama's 2 or 3 to one in this town - but one never can tell, perhaps a lot of those with no signs displayed are like us!

Glad you liked the song. Yes, RJ it is Nelson Eddy - the husband dug out a very old LP from his collection and recorded the track for me. I prefer Gordon McCrae's
version, but couldn't find it on record or on-line.

Fingers and toes crossed, and holding breath.....

juliedemboski said...

Hi Twilight,
Major congrats on your first US vote! I think it gives many of us born here a heartwarming feeling when someone wants to join us--you like us, you really like us! LOL

I agree with you about Neptune--I think its effect has been underestimated for this period.

And I don't know how it's happening, but you're sending a lot of traffic my way--many thanks!

Julie D

Twilight said...

Hi Julie!

Thanks! Oh, I like Americans, the good, the bad and the ugly ones. We had the bad and the ugly in the UK also, so that's nothing new to me - and the good on both sides of the pond are very, very good. :-)

I've no idea about the traffic, Julie - it seems to have increased generally this weekend, as Elsa mentioned this morning. Probably folks looking for predictions re the election? I got a mini-influx via Google over the weekend, mainly to the post about the pop song (Are we human or are we dancer?) Perhaps a few of them trawled through my links and found you. If so, I'm glad it helped!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the PUMA Factor!
At the end, McCain will win!

Twilight said...

Anonymous - Well we'll see soon enough. Tonight, nobody know for sure, not even the experts.

anthonynorth said...

Great song! I think we've got a better electoral system in the UK. The PM calls an election, and it can be all over in a month.
Much more civilised ;-)

Twilight said...

AN~~~~Hi! I do agree - far more civilised, and easier on the blood pressure. But a lot less fun!