Friday, November 21, 2008


At Chez Twilight we have to be dragged kicking and screaming into the contemporary music scene. Saturday Night Live is just about the only time we experience music younger than vintage 1970s.

The latest artist to attract my attention, after a showing on SNL is Duffy. It was good to discover that she's from the UK - from Wales, actually. Most Americans are not aware that Wales is "The Land of Song", and just about all Welsh people can sing, and sing well. Duffy also writes her own songs which is a big, big plus. She already seems to be making a name on this side of the Atlantic, which is no small feat. Even Robbie Williams, so popular in the UK, didn't do too well on this side of the pond.

I suspect that Duffy is going to be one of the big stars of the next decade. Her voice is instantly recognisable, and she has a unique style. Watching her on SNL, for some reason I kept thinking of those pin-up illustrations from the mid 20th century. Oddly, at times, she even brought to mind the legendary Betty Boop - her gestures, poses, and the outfit she was wearing at the time all added to the image.

Anyway, let's have a look at Duffy's natal chart. No birth time available, so a 12 noon chart must suffice to show where personal and outer planets lay as she was born. We can't know her rising sign or exact Moon position, but Moon would have been somewhere in Aries unless she was born in the last few minutes of 23 June.

Born 23 June 1984 in Bangor, Wales, UK.

Hmmmm - here's a "see-saw" pattern chart.

Sun, Mercury and Venus form a tight stellium (cluster of planets) in Cancer, Moon somewhere in Aries, with the rest of the planets on the other side of the chart between Libra and Capricorn. Oppositions thrown up by this pattern possibly indicate a bit of an anomaly - in this context, someone who seeks success but also feels a need to fly from it. Three of the most personal planets in delicate, sensitive Cancer indicate to me that there's going to be an occasional need to withdraw from the pop-star circus. Her tough Aries Moon will stiffen her resolve to stick at her chosen career though. Mars and Saturn conjoined in Scorpio widely trine her Cancer planets and add a sexy and tough edge to emotionally sensitive Cancerian traits. Jupiter, from Capricorn, opposes the Cancer stellium and provides the kind of energy needed to do good business through publishing her undoubted talents.

Transiting Pluto will be opposing Duffy's Cancer stellium towards the end of next year and in early 2010. This isn't a bad transit for her, it'll provide further dynamic energy, but two things might emerge during that period - a power struggle of some kind, perhaps regarding record deals or management, and/or some health problems caused by stress and overwork. This seems even more likely as her career blossoms further. Wikipedia tells us:
"In September of 2008, Duffy mentioned that she was "on the borderline of a nervous breakdown" because of the pressure that fame has brought her. She also said that she had considered becoming a recluse, but eventually decided against the idea for the sake of her fans. Although acknowledging that most people do mean well, she finds it "scary" when people recognise her in the street, and has been fearful of her image possibly changing the person she truly is."
I do hope that her Cancerian instincts to withdraw occasionally from the dazzling spotlight and frazzling publicity will, in future, be heeded and acted upon during what are likely to be even more stressful times to come.

Here's part of her SNL performance:


Rossa said...

Hello Twilight,

Duffy is getting very popular here in the UK. 'Mercy' was her first single and she has been compared with Dusty Springfield, though more modern and up to date.

We have had quite a few female singers over the last couple of years who are reviving a retro style. Started with the now infamous Amy Winehouse and the more established Scottish singer Sharlene Spiteri (was lead singer with a band called Texas who had some success in the US)

Also brought the beehive hairdo back into fashion over here and the shift dress was around in the summer. We Brits were commenting on Sarah Palin doing the same.

If you like Duffy here are some links to 2 of her most recent singles and I've added Amy and Sharlene so you can see how the trend has developed. check out the clothes and hair!!

Amy Winehouse – Back to Black

Sharlene Spiteri - All the Times I've Cried.

Duffy – Warwick Avenue

Duffy - Raining on Your Parade


Twilight said...

Hello Rossa ~~~ Oooh - thanks for the links - it's good to see the gals leading the way!

I remember the beehive first time around - wondered when, or if, it would come back. Makes a change from the flat-head styles which have been around for years. :-)

I'm not sure Sarah Palin was being avant garde with her hair - I think she's still in her beauty queen mode from years ago (miaowwww!) LOL!

Michelle Obama has been into the shift dress this year too.

Interesting - I must try to keep up....LOL!

1verycoolguy said...

Wow, I had never heard of Duffy until this night. She is hot and can sure sing. I love her voice and enjoy watching her.

anthonynorth said...

I like Duffy - it's good to see the young can still do it well. As for Wales and song, there's the story of England inviting all Welsh singers to the Albert Hall - and London sank ;-)

Twilight said...

1verycoolguy - Hi!
Glad you were entertained. :-)
I enjoy watching her too - her gestures and style add a special "something" to the performance.

Twilight said...

AN ~~~ LOL! Good one!
Yes, she does hold the attention, and that's more than can be said for many of today's vocalists.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Have you seen Adele? She's my new favorite imported from the UK songstress. Have to agree on the chart, though--I think Duffy may be big, too.

Twilight said...

Hi Julie - Yes, I think I've seen Adele once either on SNL or one of the Late Shows. She's good too! It's nice to see the gals are on form!