Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Gods and Fogs

Stereotypes based on the traditional planetary gods could, with a little imagination, be linked to well known political figures who, after all, are our flesh and blood (tongue-in-cheek) equivalent to Greek and Roman gods. For instance Mars = Winston Churchill (because of his talent for directing war and his will to never give in). Mercury = Bill Clinton( because of his ability to communicate at all levels, and his shadow, the trickster). Pluto = Richard Nixon (dark deeds, subterfuge). Uranus = Martin Luther King Jnr, (peaceful rebellion to help humanity in general). Saturn = Patrick Fitzgerald the consummate incorruptible lawyer). There is no doubt, in my mind, that Barack Obama would have to be foggy, mysterious Neptune.

As days and weeks go by the Neptunian fog which I always see surrounding Obama doesn't clear. In some areas the swirling mists have even seemed to thicken since I last approached the topic here and here.

The birth certificate mystery persists - update available HERE. I swing from belief to disbelief on this issue. The mists clear somewhat then come swirling in again! My best guess is that Obama has something embarrassing to hide, but it's not something which would impede his candidacy. I can't imagine how he could have come this far without some official checks having been made. It may suit his purpose to have bloggers spending time and energy on this rather than some other mystery.

More of the Larry Craig debacle at CITIZEN WELLS - posts dated 2 and 3 July. Craig was arrested after a press conference on what he alleges is a fraudulent, fabricated charge emanating from the state of Delaware. He retained an attorney, who let him down by withdrawing the evening before his hearing, leaving no time to find a replacement. There is mystery surrounding this too. He has a new attorney now, and obtained a continuance of the hearing to later this month. Subversive goings on surround the whole situation, it would seem that powerful forces are acting against a guy, whose story ought to have been fully investigated long ago, and put to rest if it contains no substance. The fog surrounding this particular tale could lead Obama adrift onto dangerous rocks if he doesn't allow it to be fully addressed and investigatged.

New fog warnings have been upsetting many of Obama's supporters recently. His flip-flops on some key issues have sent mild shock-waves through his base. Having said one thing, he did another. A precise summary of these flips and flops appeared here at Liberal Rapture,last week.

I used to be a regular reader and occasional commenter at Common Dreams until Obamamania took over. I've recently noticed rumblings of discontent about their hero - do they really know him? Neptune's fog has, inevitably, drifted into the heart of Obamaland.


Wisewebwoman said...

I followed your link, T. and a big omission was his flip-flop on Roe vs Wade and of course his asinine 'sacred sex' (only hetero, of course) comment.
He is really, really foggy now. I still see Karl Rove in there, don't know why.....he's gone so silent....

Twilight said...

Oh, yes WWW - Roe v. Wade! Usually the first thing brought up if one mentions voting for McCain !

The fog, along with the plot, thickens by the day.

It's possible to see the situation in several ways - is he a "trojan horse" for the conservatives?
Was he pushed forward by them as a way to divide the Democrats and let in McCain in the General election? The name George Soros keeps popping up too.

Is O. a centrist pretending to be far left or is he far left and far too radical (like some of his mates) pretending to be centrist?

We don't know - and this is the one very important reason he needs investigating, before it's too late !

Wisewebwoman said...

The thought that he is a patsy for the masses has crossed my mind too, T.
All will eventually de-fog, no doubt, I love how the truth constantly surfaces, despite the squelchers.

MrsLilypond said...

while I think he may have some foggy things going on....
the birth certificate supposed 'forgery' thing, I think too many people are crying wolf another blogger did his own research.


The most important things I gathered from this is a if you look at the birth certificate on the Daily kos, you can see the date stamp bleed through to the front... the 2nd (towards the end of the blog) apparently lots of people have called the State of Hawaii, in which they confirmed they reissued Mr. Obama a copy of his bc last summer.

I kind of agree, this bc thing being let live for the time being, because it's probably fogging up something else.

Twilight said...

Hello Mrs. L.

I've read the article at the link you provided. Thanks. Hmmmm! It makes the head swim - I've read so much on this topic.

I think the author of that piece though overstated what the Hawaii official had said. One of the later comments points this out.
Even so, I think logic dictates Obama must have a genuine birth certificate to have obtained a US passport.

The crunch is though - even though his citizenship isn't in question, to be President he has to have been born on US soil.

The theory some put forward is that he could have been born outside of the US (maybe in Canada, because there is evidence that at 3 weeks old he was taken to Washington State).

Apparently in 1961 Hawaii would accept the registering of births a while after the event, and there is suspicion that his mother may have returned to the island specifically to register him.

I still think, like you, that's unlikely to be true, and Obama has his reasons for holding back from producing the real deal BC. He said in one of his books that he found it with some newspaper cuttings about his father.

MrsLilypond said...

It's possible he no longer has his real BC.
I know mine somehow got destroyed,
and all I have is what I guess they call a secondary certificate.

I wish we could just have one single upfront, not hiding anything, life's an open book type candidate, if one exists.... sigh.

Twilight said...

Yes - wouldn't that be a relief!!