Thursday, July 10, 2008

Peron Postscript

As an afterthought to my Evita theme from yesterday, I was curious to see the natal chart of her husband, Juan Peron and to compare it to Eva's. I wanted to check my theory that "something is going on, but we don't know what it is", astrology-wise. Would it hold good? It did.

Juan Peron was born 8 October 1895 at (Astrotheme states) 8.47 am, in Lobos, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The dual chart shows both his and hers. Look at the astrological coincidences. (His natal chart inner circle, her chart in the outer ring -click to enlarge).

Both have Sun conjunct Mars (marked orange and red)
Both have Moon conjunct a powerful planet: his = Pluto( wine and black.) hers = Saturn (grey and black)
His Saturn (law and authority) conjoins Mercury(communication) - appropriate for a lawgiver, which, as President(and dictator) of his country, he was.

These two individuals wouldn't, in normal circumstances, ever have crossed paths. They came from different worlds, even though born close, geographically. They are two similarly powerful personalities, their two most personal planets (or lights) seemingly strengthened by closeness of powerful outer planets. It's not surprising that they would feel a connection when a meeting did occur, whether accidental or deliberately planned by Eva.

Together they must have presented an almost unstoppable force - at least for a time. Had Eva not fallen ill and died in 1952, Argentina's story could have been very different.

From "Evita" (the movie) the first meeting of Eva and Juan (Madonna & Jonathan Pryce):

EVA:"I don't always rush in like this
Twenty seconds after saying hello
Telling strangers I'm too good to miss
If I'm wrong I hope you'll tell me so
But you really should know I'd be good for you
I'd be surprisingly good for you.........................."

JUAN:"Please go on--you enthrall me!
I can understand you perfectly
And I like what I hear, what I see, and knowing me
I would be good for you too"


Wisewebwoman said...

Yes I should have mentioned the drive also, T. Looks without ambition don't succeed. And the starshine falling in synchronicity.
I don't think the musical does her justice, her real story is so much more interesting. I never cared for Juan.

Nina Gryphon said...

Hi! Thanks for linking to me - I shall do the same for you; your articles are so interesting.

I agree that she is much more interesting and complex than the musical suggests. Mars conjunct the Sun gives an intense, driven personality, and I'm sure she had that in spades!


Twilight said...

WWW - I don't much like the impression I have of Juan either, WWW. The line in the musical "he was slightly to the right of Atilla the Hun" finished him for me from the get-go! ;-)

(Note to self)I must read Eva's biography !

Twilight said...

Thank you kindly, Nina!

Yes, agreed ( I must seek out a book about her.)
The musical though did bring her story to the attention of many who knew absolutely nothing of her story - a very good thing, I think.

Nina Gryphon said...

Twilight - yes, he ran a fascist government; Eva's pretty face to make it more palatable aside, he was made in the extreme right mold of Franco and other dictators in Europe.