Sunday, July 06, 2008

Message received and understood!

Another Saturn in Virgo story coming up, yesterday's were news items, this one's personal.

For background - Saturn in Virgo means, among other things, conservatism with a small "c" (conserving what you have); no more free-wheeling; restrictions. Virgo = carefulness and healing.

We went to see the movie "WALL-E" last week. It's an animated film, hardly any dialogue, fun for all ages and there is a serious message tucked away in there too, which I received, and acted on. WALL-E is the last garbage disposal robot left on Earth, still functioning centuries after the last humans left for a home in space. That's as much as I'll tell, the full plot is at the Wikipedia link above.

How did the movie affect me, personally?

The saga of my struggle to obtain a refund for a faulty new Cybertron computer dragged on for five weeks. I eventually received the refund, albeit less the 15% I had been assured by a Cybertron staff member would be waived in my case. Tiger Direct, from whom I bought the computer refunded the cost of a Windows XP CD which for which I hadn't applied, I suspect it was their way of helping out. So I accepted the Cybertron refund without further wrangling, worn out by this time.

I'll "cut to the chase".....I'd decided to go to our local computer store to order one of their custom built computers rather than risk a similar experience with an out-of-town company. We visited the store last week to find it closed, owners on vacation. Later the same day we went to the movies, saw "WALL-E", after which I got to thinking. Why should I cause another computer to be manufactured when there are perfectly good, refurbished ones to be had? A search of e-bay brought up just what I need - a re-furbished and upgraded Dell, one of a batch made for Fortune 500 companies, so a little sturdier than the average home computer. I could acquire one of these for half the cost of a new 'puter. So I bought one - it'll be on its way to me this week. This could be seen as risky but I have a much better feeling about it than I ever did about the Cybertron.

Ideally, I should just have my current Dell repaired, and I might still do so if the cost isn't too high, I could then either keep it as a spare, donate it or sell it.

I feel that I'm rolling more with the Saturn in Virgo flow now. Thanks to WALL-E for reminding me how it should be done.


R J Adams said...

I think you made the right decision. My wife was finding our Dell Inspiron laptop rather heavy, so I researched acquiring a lighter one. To buy new was hideously expensive, but I found a firm in the internet, that refurbishes ex-business laptops. We recently acquired an excellent IBM Thinkpad 42 from them, weighing under five pounds, for a very reasonable figure. It's proving a great computer and my wife loves it.

I do hope you're equally as happy with your new acquisition.

kaleymorris said...

TNPOTUS uses a refurbished MacBook. Best $300 we ever spent!

Twilight said...

I used to have a second-hand IBM Thinkpad laptop in the UK - gave it away before I left - it was a bargain, and very reliable whenever my desktop crashed (often!) It was a coincidence that I found the husband had the identical second-hand laptop, as a stand-by, when I arrived in the USA. It has finally given up the ghost though.

Twilight said...

Hiya kaleymorris - hmmmm seems I'm in excellent refurbished company! :-)

By the way, please tell TNPOTUS he might not want to miss my post tomorrow...I have mentioned him and something he said in his column today. ;-) All in the best posible taste - of course!