Saturday, July 05, 2008

The Week That Was

Two news stories I read this week share a common theme - finding treasure. I wonder what astrological aspect might reflect this ? Both stories relate to the re-discovery of something from the past. Something old = Saturn. Saturn is currently in Virgo, and Virgo can relate to sifting wheat from chaff. Also Jupiter (planet of luck) is in Capricorn (ruled by Saturn) - luck from something old !

The two stories:

"For 44 years a canister of film had been stored in a damp garage in South London; unopened, unloved and almost thrown away.

But, finally, somebody took a look inside - and realised they had unearthed a piece of pop history. This is the story of a lost Beatles int
erview "(See here)


"NEW YORK (CNN) -- A rare and original manuscript of one of America's most patriotic songs has been discovered in a flea market bargain.
A shopper browsing through the market in New York bought a framed picture of a flower for $10 and found handwritten manuscript of "America" (My Country 'tis of Thee) tucked behind the picture, the manuscript's owner said Thursday.

The manuscript of the song whose lyrics were written by Samuel Francis Smith in 1831 could be worth tens of thousands of dollars, said the owner, art collector Keya Morgan" .


Also, this week: I was tagged!

Blogging buddy Wisewebwoman "tagged" me to write a 6-word short story (her post dated 2 July).

Thank you kindly, WWW (I think!)

The 6-word story rang a distant memory bell, a search in label cloud, (below right) brought forth a blog of mine from February 2007:
Very Short Stories

I wrote, in that old post:

"these endeavours required extreme economy of words with ingenuity of thought. Summed up astrologically could this be be expressed as
Saturn conjunct Mercury in Aquarius ?...... A 5-word story about a 6-word story!"

I'm now charged with concocting a 6-word story of my own. It's difficult! I don't happen to have the astrological mix I described above, but do have Mercury in Capricorn which is Mercury in Saturn's domain, and Sun in Aquarius, so I ought to be able to come up with something.

I've tried to keep it astrological - so far I have only come up with:

Sleepy astrologer. Consultation. Synastry. Wedding. Divorce.

I won't tag anyone, I'll just say that I'm sure there are dozens of 6-word astrological (or otherwise) stories waiting to be written! Hint hint.


Andrew said...

"Have a great weekend," he said.

That was six words :)

Wisewebwoman said...

Good one, T. You said a multitude in your six words.
Yes, these unearthings are most interesting....

Twilight said...

Hi Andrew - and thank you, hope you did too.

Hi WWW - I feel sure there IS a much better one, but just couldn't get it to surface!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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