Sunday, July 20, 2008

Photographs - a search for astrology

After deciding last week to try to avoid using any photographs other than those from our own cameras in my blog posts, I felt doubtful that I'd find anything even vaguely astrological among the pics we've saved over the past few years. Clicking disconsolately through folder after folder of our old photographs didn't inspire confidence that I'll become self-sufficient any time soon, graphics-wise.

One folder of photographs from my husband's long stay in the UK afforded a few possibilities.

In the summer of 2004 we visited an Elizabethan stately home Burton Agnes Hall, - a few miles from where I lived.

Among the photos we took in the beautiful grounds are these which easily relate to
(1) Mercury, (2) Moon, (3) Mars.

It's a start!

This gorgeous astronomical clock is in York Minster, a memorial to the airmen from the north of England who died in World War 2.

From my time in the USA..... here are wheels, which could represent astrological cycles, from a display at an arts fair in Salina, Kansas in 2005. And a sculpture of a goat (Capricorn) made from scrap chrome car parts.

I shall dust down my neglected digital camera and keep an astrological eye open for useful shots from now on. I'll need to be imaginative and resourceful though, likely subjects aren't going to be too obvious!

(Top: Mural advertising a hairdressing salon - somewhere in Oklahoma.)


R J Adams said...

If you want photos of cornfields, I'd be happy to send some to you. It's all there is around here. :-(

Michelle said...

Gorgeous photos. I love the clock and the goat.

Here's something you might enjoy - an astrological Crop Circle.

Now why is one planet incorrect, I wonder?

Twilight said...

Thanks, RJ, but no thanks - my blog is corny enough already ;-)
By the way, do you mean corn fields or wheat fields? I got into trouble here in the US confusing the two, and confusing the natives to boot.
("The corn is as high as an elephant's eye" (as in sweetcorn).)


Twilight said...

Michelle - Hi!

Those pics are mind-boggling ! Thanks for the link.
I gave up trying to account for crop circles some time back. Those are a step beyond the usual pretty geometric offerings though.

Weird with a capital W !

Adele Aldridge said...

Fantastic Pictures! You don't need anyone else's.

Wisewebwoman said...

You're just doin' fine there, T. Great thought provoking pics.
I too love the clock.

anthonynorth said...

Some great photos there! Burton Agnes Hall - the home of 'Awd Nance', if my memory serves me right.

Twilight said...

Thank you kindly, Adele and WWW !


Hello AN - Why yes! ;-)

I half-remembered something about a ghost there but couldn't pin it down until you mentioned it. A little Googling brought up:

Burton Agnes Hall near Driffield is occasionally haunted by Awd Nance, the ghost of a woman who died after a beating in the 19th century. Before dying she made her sisters promise they’d keep her head in the hall.
Horrified, they buried her intact. Within days doors started banging, and the sound of people would be heard in the corridors at night. Eventually a vicar exhumed the woman and placed her head in the hall. The haunting stopped, yet occasionally she still flexes her ghostly muscles.

anthonynorth said...

I don't believe it! Remember our little talk about some sites ripping off other blogger's posts?
That Elanso article sounded just a little too familiar:

Ghost and Culture

I may be getting in touch with them ;-)

Twilight said...

Well, well, well! (Stands back in amazement).

Get after 'em AN! They couldn't even be bothered to paraphrase your words ! Straight "cut and paste" job there! :-(

anthonynorth said...

Thanks for the encouragement, there!
I'm sure glad you posted them pictures :-)