Tuesday, June 24, 2008

"The truth is rarely pure and never simple" (Oscar Wilde)

Only a handful of political blogs saw fit to discuss the Larry Sinclair debacle in any detail. Mainstream media have studiously avoided the issue. To my mind this is a dereliction of duty.

In case the name Larry Sinclair has managed to elude a passing reader's attention, he's the individual who claims to have used cocaine and had oral sex with Barack Obama in the back of a limousine and in a motel room in 1999. Sinclair's past record of petty crime, 20 years ago, and history of drug taking doesn't make his story at all credible, yet at a press conference at the National Press Club last Wednesday, 18June, he came over as sensible, articulate, clear and thoughtful. He's certainly no out-and-out nutcase. More information can be read at Citizen Wells blog, where there is also a link to the official video of the NPC conference, at the 19 June entry.

Sinclair didn't pull any punches when speaking to the press, nor did he ignore his sordid background. He asked not that the journalists believe him, only that they hear him and investigate his story using the information he gave, which included some relevant telephone numbers and the name of the limousine driver. Sinclair seems to have little to gain, but everything to lose by what he's doing.

Larry Sinclair's birth data isn't available on-line, making it impossible to use his natal chart to assess what kind of guy he really is. I'm not inclined to believe every single detail of his tale, but on the other hand I don't think his story ought to be dismissed out of hand. Senator Obama aims to be President and Commander in Chief of the USA, one of the most powerful nations on the planet. If he was taking drugs as recently as 1999, voters should be aware of the fact. Gay sex is not important, drug taking is, especially for someone who could have his finger on the nuclear button or be answering that infamous 3am phone call. Members of the media fall down badly in their duty to the public if they do not undertake some serious, in depth investigative journalism here.

What's available to astrologers in the absence of Sinclair's date of birth? Not much. Looking at planetary positions on the day of the NPC conference is about the only thing possible, aside from using horary astrology to answer a question on the matter. It'd be interesting to hear what an horary astrologer could come up with.

On 18 June retrograde Mercury was at 13 degrees of Gemini. The communications planet was about to station and turn direct in just a few hours. The Moon, which is thought to represent the public in matters such as this was in expansive Sagittarius, more or less opposite Mercury as it happens - it seemed as though Mercury was shouting out to the public at large, across the zodiac! Saturn, the planet connected with law, rules, restrictions and authority lay at 3 degrees of critical Virgo, with no major aspects from inner or outer planets. Oddly enough The Law (Saturn) in the form of two FBI officers turned up as the conference ended and arrested Sinclair on some, as yet, unlinked and unknown charge emanating from Delaware. As there were no aspects to Saturn the fact that the charges were unrelated to the event in question seems appropriate. Nothing to be gleaned from that brings us any nearer to the truth though.

Sinclair remained in custody until yesterday afternoon.(see Citizen Wells blog, linked above for Sinclair's report of the circumstances surrounding his arrest).


citizenwells said...

Thanks for the link.
I spoke to Sinclair several times today.
For those bottom line people (I am one):

If Sinclair's allegations are false, why are so many, including the Obama Campaign, spending so much time and resources to discredit and silence him. They are attacking me just for reporting.

Citizen Wells

Wisewebwoman said...

This whole thing has stunk to high heaven in my mind. I keep thinking it's got to be a set up by the Repugs. I mean the guy is given the National Press Club to blab about cocaine and downlow????
On second thoughts, that stuff is what drives MSM.
There was an odd bit about a cab driver, full name (triple barrel, yet), etc. Is that something that would be remembered nearly 10 years later?
Just askin'. ;^) And I'm a Nobama as you know....

Wisewebwoman said...

PS Can't link to Citizen Wells....

Twilight said...

Citizen Wells - thanks for stopping by and commenting!

I agree - I think something's rotten in the state of Obamaland.

Well done for keeping on it - glad somebody is doing so. :-)

Twilight said...


I understand how you feel about this - I have a few reservations myself. If there is any Republican involvement (financial for instance, and some influence to obtain the NPC exposure) it doesn't mean that there's no truth at all in Sinclair's story.

I wondered about the ability to name the car driver myself, after 10 years - that's a weak spot, but if asked about it he might have a convincing reason for being able to do so, I guess.

Recent events involving Spitzer and Larry Craig have left me open to believing anything - even this.
And this is so much more serious and important than either of the others - it really does warrant some serious investigation.

PS: re the CW link - it worked when I clicked on it - maybe try later? Perhaps his site is getting a lot of hits and is overloaded.

R J Adams said...

Politics stink - everywhere, but especially in America. Whenever anyone reaches for high office in this country the likes of Sinclair crawl, or are dragged, out of the woodwork to cast their slurs. Whether true or not, let's not forget the basic principle of justice that one is innocent until proven guilty. God knows, in this nation its hardly a principle anymore, but it behooves those of us who believe in fairness and justice to not cast aspersions without the proof to back them up. Dig deep enough behind the scenes and you'd probably discover half the Senate have their occasional 'snort', or date with a rent boy. They're equally capable of using pernicious slander and under-hand dealings to castigate and defame their political enemies. Michelle Obama is quite correct to question the veracity of the internet. Blogs can be used for propagating truth, or spreading poison. Sometimes it can be difficult to separate the wheat from the hemlock.

Twilight said...

Innocent until proven guilty is fair, RJ - agreed - and it works both ways.

Obama is innocent of these accusations until proven otherwise, and Sinclair is innocent of being something "dragged out of the woodwork for political purpose" until proven otherwise.

This is why the whole thing needs in-depth investigation by a body unconnected. That's all anybody is asking - and it's not unreasonable in my opinion.

Obama will have unimaginable power if he becomes Prez of the USA - is it wrong to investigate all and every accusation, while there is still time?

All congressmen and women might well have stuff to hide in their pasts, but they all are not aiming for the Top Job.

R J Adams said...

Certainly it works both ways. I'm all in favor of a proper investigation and no way am I defending Obama. I still consider him a slightly better nominee than Clinton, and of course McCain is not even worth consideration. I'm sure Obama has just as many skeletons in his closet as any other politician. Unfortunately, especially in this country, the verdict is often in before the trial commences.

Twilight said...

You might be correct on both counts, RJ - I'm unable to agree on the first matter though, as you know, but we've agreed in civilised fashion (as good buddies should)to disagree about Clingon v. Obama.

As for the other matter, I just want the verdict to be in BEFORE a president is elected, and ideally before a nominee is officially named - finally. I'd hate to hear the US public moaning "If only we'd known........"

Twilight said...

LOL! "Clingon" - a Freudian typographical slip??