Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Soapbox Time

Lots of things tempt me to drag out a personal soapbox and leap upon it, here's the latest.

Mike Gravel, Alaska's former senator, currently a Democratic presidential candidate, is being excluded from the TV debate sponsored by NBC, scheduled for 30 October. He has written about it HERE.

NBC have, apparently laid out criteria which Mr Gravel does not meet, he tells about it thus:

"When my staff called NBC directly to find out why I was now barred from attending, Chuck Todd, NBC news' political director, told us that there were three criteria we did not meet, namely that I had not campaigned in New Hampshire and/or Iowa at least 14 times in the past year, that I was not polling at 5% and that I hadn't raised $1 million.

Since I announced my candidacy for the Democratic Nomination for President of the United States on April 17, 2006, I have certainly traveled to New Hampshire and Iowa at least 14 times. And, according to a recent CNN poll, I am tied with Joe Biden, Dennis Kucinich and Chris Dodd.

NBC claims I haven't raised enough money to qualify. I'm proud of the fact that I don't collect millions from special interests........ By stifling my voice on the basis of fundraising dollars, NBC is reinforcing the power of money over our national political discussion and our freedom.

But why has NBC suddenly come up with "requirements" designed to exclude me from the debate?"

As I see it this is another attempt by the mainstream media to force feed its audience with what THEY want them to hear and see, for corporate reasons.

Mike Gravel has not received a fraction of the exposure of the MSMs chosen big 3 - Clinton, Obama and Edwards, yet his voice is one I intuitively trust, along with that of Dennis Kucinich. These two men are the real deal, there aren't many like this in politics, either here or in Britain - they deserve to be treasured.

Another very telling point from Mr Gravel's article :

"The fact that NBC is owned by General Electric, one of the world's leading military contractors, is frightening and certainly smacks of censorship directed at the most outspoken critic of the influence that the military-industrial complex holds over this great nation. In the past decade, GE has benefited financially from the global war on terrorism and currently holds almost $2 billion in military contracts"

The Satya Center ran an excellent article in July "Mike Gravel: Still Principled After All These Years", which reminds us that

" During the 1960s, he was often in the news as one of Congress’s fiercest opponents of the Vietnam War. In his most famous act, Gravel helped make public the Pentagon Papers by carrying them into the Senate in two suitcases and reading them into the record - for a time, with tears streaming down his face".

Here's his 12 noon chart (birth time unknown).

Sun in steadfast Taurus, with three planets in Gemini, lightening the Earthiness, giving him wings and a flair for communication. Mars conjunct Uranus in Aries represents the determined fighter for people's rights. Saturn (rules and laws), purely Saturnian in its own sign of Capricorn, widely trines and blends with his Taurus Sun. Mr Gravel's Moon at 12noon was in Sagittarius - a birth before 6am would take it back to Scorpio - it's hard to say which is more likely - he has the passion for a cause which says Scorpio, but he also displays the bluntness of Sagittarius - I'd go for Sagittarius on balance.

Transiting Mars, now around 8* Cancer is coming up to opposition with Mr Gravel's natal Saturn - perhaps indicating the current struggle.

America may never see a President Gravel, but as long as his voice is allowed to be heard, then the country has an opportunity to hear truths which will be forthcoming from few others.

There's an on-line petition - if you feel as I do about this, please click-on over there and sign.


RJ Adams said...

I'm not so sure of his Taurus Sun, but I abhor media censorship, and have a thorough distaste for NBC, so I was more than happy to sign the petition. Nice blog, Twilight, though I don't pretend to comprehend the charts. Still, if that's what turns you on - go for it, Britgirl!

Twilight said...

Hi RJ! Thanks - and thanks for dropping in and commenting - and for signing the petition.

It's good to hear (or see) a British accent! :-)

Richard said...

Well, here's another one, Twilight.

It's good that you highlight that story -- and at the same time, help expose some of today's 'media-whores' of msm.

Twilight said...

Hi Richard, nicet to "see" you.

Yes, media whores/MSM account for at least half our troubles nowadays I reckon.