Monday, October 22, 2007

Neptune on TV

There's a distinctly Neptunian flavour to TV, in the USA, this fall. Neptune in Aquarius is working well.

Among the shows on offer are Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead and Psychic Challenge. Also, coming up this week Phenomenon with Uri Geller.

We've watched Lisa Williams' show a few times, and two episodes of "Psychic Challenge". We'll no doubt sample "Phenomenon" this week.

This type of show is always interesting, but usually there's a little cynicism to contend with, Chez Twilight. Lisa Williams, on the face of it, is amazing, but HeWhoKnows wonders aloud whether she and/or a team of researchers could easily find out all or most of the information she manages to come up with for her clients.

"Psychic Challenge" is fascinating and enjoyable. I suppose it could be open to manipulation, but somehow I doubt it - hard editing maybe, but no more.

Last week, in a kind of cross-over, Lisa Williams took part in an experiment on "Psychic Challenge". She, seated behind a wall, was the celebrity whose identity the 4 psychic contestants were challenged to guess. They were told only that the person behind the wall was "a celebrity". One of the contestants expressed a feeling that there may be a link with astrology, but later Lisa Williams said that she is not interested in astrology - "not into it". No reason why she should be, but I found it rather surprising that she was so definite about it, with apparently no curiosity about the subject at all.

I try to remain open-minded about the whole psychic scene. I much prefer the type of experiments carried out in "Psychic Challenge" to the "communicating with the dead" department. Whether a medium is actually communicating with loved ones who have died is, for me, a moot point - the medium could be just as easily reading the client's own mind/heart, without even realising it - that's something I find much easier to accept.

We're looking forward to "Phenomenon" this week, it'll complete a Neptunian hat-trick.

There's no doubt in my mind that "something is going on" in psychic phenomena - something over and above the norm. As in astrology, nobody can know for certain what that "something" is. It is though, for sure, typically Neptunian!

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