Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Pluto Dominant

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Richard said...


Twilight, thanks so much for your kind words over at my place at our saddest of times. It's appreciated, a lot. really.

Max said...

Hello Twilight,

My name is Max, and I have found through "Why we blog" list!

This is an interesting blog...astrology, I've read about it; even though I have my own opinion about it.
Sometimes I think that astrology cannot tell about a person's life, cause it doesn't include present energies, and characteristics from past lives.
For example: imagine that in the past I was a gemini, and now I am cancer...different signs, yet same personalities...how does Astrology explain this?

This is interesting...



Twilight said...

Hello Max - nice to meet you!

Regarding your question - first we'd have to establish that past lives are a fact. I have a few doubts on this score. But, for the sake of discussion - if we were to be reincarnated with a vastly different natal chart, I think that esoteric astrologers might say that we would given the chart (or in fact that we would have choosen that particular chart and time of birth because we needed to learn certain lessons and accept certain challenges in order to evolve further.

I don't necessarily go along with this theory, but I try to be open-minded - nobody knows for sure anyway.

Astrology, in my view, can only tell us a limited amount about a person, there are so many other variables in anyone's life, and these have to be taken into account. Environment, family, education, country and culture of birth, etc.

As far as prediction is concerned - again so many variables - the astrology of those we interact with for one thing!

I think of astrological interpretations as rough pencil sketches, not finished oil paintings.