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Robert Redbird, Native American Artist

Here's a brief overview of the work and natal chart of another lesser known artist - lesser known outside of certain areas of the USA, that is.

I first became aware of this artist on a visit to an art gallery where I saw one of his paintings, a large work depicting a Native American woman wearing a brilliantly pink cloak. The painting seemed to dominate the room and the gallery.

Robert Redbird was born in Oklahoma to Kiowa Indian parents. The family's tribal affiliation was to the Kiowa Gourd Clan. As a young child, Redbird always displayed an unusual interest in drawing and coloring. As he continued with his scholastic studies, his teachers became more aware of Redbird's unique artistic ability.

(Right,"Caretakers" by Robert Redbird)
As he matured and his technique improved, Redbird gravitated to using watercolors. He became extremely skillful and prolific in this method and Kiowa folklore emerged in his paintings. Dramatic blanket folds of brilliant color were evident in the attire of both men and women. Indian symbols of pottery, feathers, eagles and mountains became the unmistakable mark of Robert Redbird.

Redbird’s art is full of his conviction that Native American culture is a beautiful way of life. He has studied the culture of many Indian nations beside his own, and this vast knowledge of American Indian traditions is evident in his paintings. His art conveys his feel for Kiowa tradition and ceremonies, for the spiritual in the cultures of many tribes, and for the world of nature."

A very significant factor in Redbird's natal chart is Sun conjunct Pluto, but in adjoining signs - Sun in the last minutes of Cancer, Pluto at the beginning of Leo.
Mars at 29 Capricorn opposes Sun/Pluto. While Sun/Pluto indicates a powerful ego, a somewhat driven personality, the influence of Cancer is likely to add a certain softness here. The opposition of Mars in Capricorn to the powerful conjunction indicates someone who is determined to achieve his goals, and will never be afraid of challenges.

(Left: "Peyote Chiefs" by Robert Redbird)
Mars also forms part of a Grand Trine in Earth signs in this natal chart. The GT involves Uranus, Neptune and Mars. It seems that similar configurations are not uncommon in charts of people of Robert Redbird's generation. Both Dick Cheney and I have a Grand Earth Trines, but ours involve Venus in Cheney's case and Mercury in my own.

Venus, planet of art, sextiles both Neptune and Uranus, linking harmoniously to that Earth Grand Trine, and reflecting the artist's obvious love of nature and the traditions of his people.

Redbird's natal Moon is bound to be in Libra, but without time of birth it isn't possible to see how Moon links with other planets, or where ascendant, angles and house positions lie. Somewhere will be a hint of his humanitarian works, which may also be partially driven by his late Cancer Sun/Leo Pluto conjunction opposed by Mars in the last minutes of Capricorn, perhaps acquiring a flavour of the first degree of humanitarian Aquarius ?

"In addition to his artistic accomplishments, Redbird's travels with his art led him to many places, and wherever he has gone, he has left a trail of humanitarian achievements. He is an ordained minister and a gospel musician, and his deep religious convictions have prompted him to establish missions to aid the poor in various places. He often uses his art to contribute to important causes, such as the paintings he sent to former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani to be sold for funds to help the victims of the terrorist attacks in that city in September of 2001. At the same time, he contributed in a similar manner to the firefighters’ organization there for the aid of those families who lost firefighter members during that time."

Painting below: untitled.

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