Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Is Your Computer a Significant Other?

A little food for thought : "When your Most Significant Other is a Computer" by Lamont Wood.
Ring any bells? Astrologers spend a lot of time discussing human relationships. But how about relationship with our computers ?

Let's see - Uranus has to be the main ingredient - as planet of technology. Aquarius, as the mentally based home sign of Uranus will be involved too, alternatively Gemini or Libra, the other mentally focused zodiac signs. Mercury has a big part to play in determining how our individual minds work, so how natal Sun and Mercury relate to Uranus/Aquarius and the Air houses, 3, 7 and 11 is likely to be significant.

In my own case natal Uranus on South Node at 13 Taurus, 11th house(3rd in my re-located chart) both are Air houses - that's good. Sun at 6.46 Aquarius, 8th house natally, 12th relocated, with Sun and Uranus in square aspect - not so good - that'll relate to the times when I'm tearing my hair out trying to fix a system error or dispose of a trojan. Sun IS in Aquarius, which ought to be beneficial for computer work, even though it's squaring its ruler. Mercury in Capricorn was in 7th house natally, near the descendant angle, relocated it lies in 11th (again, both Air houses), as an added attraction it is semi-sextile my relocated ascendant. So, apart from the square between Sun and Uranus it appears I have a reasonably good relationship with my computer - platonic, of course!

HeWhoKnows spends much time tinkering with his 'confuser', as he calls it. His natal Uranus and Venus are conjoined in Taurus, it must be love! Uranus is semi-sextile natal Aries Sun, that's quite helpful. No planets in Air signs or Air houses, but Mercury may compensate - it conjoins natal Sun, albeit a degree away in the previous sign, Pisces, and it semi-sextiles Uranus. So, courtesy of Venus, I reckon his relationship with his computer is a ring-ding love affair!

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