Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Jack Black

After watching the movie "Tenacious D- The Pick of Destiny" on HBO recently I was curious about Jack Black's astrology. The first time I saw Jack in a movie was back in the UK, where we saw "School of Rock". Neither of us had even heard of Jack Black then, and we made a point of staying through the end credits to find the name of this actor whose performance we had so much enjoyed. Since then we've seen him in several other movies, but had missed "Tenacious D" until its TV showing.

Jeffrey Kishner, in his blog "Astrology at the Movies", wrote about Jack last year (see here), with comments by another astrologer/blogger Lynn Hayes. Apparently Jack's correct birthdate is in question. Various internet sources give it as either 28 August 1969 or 7 April 1969. Quite a difference! Too different to have come about via a slip of someone's pen. I've been wondering if perhaps Jack Black might have mischievously slipped wrong information to an interviewer at some stage. In an interview (here) he says that he doesn't believe in astrology "and all that crap".

Having looked at both charts, read some articles about the actor, and watched a few YouTube interviews with Jack Black, I'd guess that 28 August 1969 is most likely to be correct. What convinces me most is Mercury conjunct Uranus in the Air (mental) sign of Libra, in the August chart. In the April chart Uranus is conjunct Jupiter. Mercury is the communication planet, and Jack Black's communicated personality is definitely zany, erratic, eccentric - very Uranus. Of course, Jupiter is the publishing planet, and the planet of exaggeration, so one could argue that this is where Jack Black's zany persona comes from, were he born 7 April. I prefer Mercury conjunct Uranus. Mercury describes the way the mind works, and JB's mind definitely has a wild and zany side, in spite of his more sober Virgo Sun.

Out of curiosity I searched to discover whether any other well known person had been born on 7 April 1969, which might have caused this birth date confusion. Ricky Watters, American football star, a running back, is the only one I could find. Four Aries planets in the 7 April chart are more in keeping with the physical energy of a football star than a comedic actor, I guess, though it's true that Aries can tend towards a child-like sense of humour.

There's a slight possibility that Jack's natal Moon could lie in Aries, were he born late in the day (after 11pm, in fact.) That could produce the physical energy we are immediately aware of when he appears on screen.

Of the Jack Black films I've seen so far, "School of Rock" remains favourite. He has said in inteview that the role of Dewey Martin he played in that film is most like his own personality. I don't think we've yet seen the best that he's capable of, but one day in the future I suspect we'll be seeing him in a ring-ding blockbuster.


Jeffrey Kishner said...

Good point about the Mercury-Uranus. I'm more inclined to think he's a Virgo, now.

Twilight said...

Oh, good!

We'll be watching for further news about his date of birth - it might be clarified somehow in due course.