Monday, September 24, 2007

Al Gore, America's Lucky Charm.

I'm going to make a determined effort this week to feel more upbeat about the future, "accentuate the positive and (try to) eliminate the negative".

An article from HuffingtonPost acted as quite a tonic at the weekend. By Brent Budowsky "If Al Gore Wins the Nobel Peace Prize".

A quick look at Al Gore's natal chart (here, at Astrodatabank) tells me that transiting Uranus (planet of change) is hovering over his natal Mercury these days - could he be in the process of changing his mind about running in the presidential campaign?

Transiting Jupiter is slowly moving towards his natal Jupiter at 28 Sagittarius, they'll be exactly conjoined in mid-December, along with Pluto. The lucky planet and the planet of transformation conjoining his natal Jupiter!

Let's have....."Plenty of heart and plenty of hope!"

A brief excerpt from the article by Brent Budowsky. The author envisions the scene:

"From the moment his award is announced through his speech in December accepting the prize, Al Gore will be the most influential living American in defining the terms of our national debate.

From the immediate surge of media attention until the aftermath of Gore's acceptance speech there will be a profound surge of international and national attention to what Al Gore stands for, and what he has done.

For the first time since September 11, 2001 was hijacked as a pretext for the Iraq war, there will be a powerful, compelling and global discussion of the America that has been and should always be a genuine beacon of hope and light for the world.

At first there will be saturation coverage of the dangers to planet earth, the crisis that poses the ultimate danger comparable to, and possibly even surpassing, the threat of nuclear weapons during the Cold War.

Within hours of the Nobel announcement there would be a global statement of American ideals, American values, American traditions, and American notions that have been time honored for more than two hundred years, and placed under attack by George W. Bush and enabled by a submissive Congress unable and unwilling to stop him.

There would be a statement to Americans, and to the world, that the real America is the nation that respects and rallies the free nations of the world rather than the preemptive and arrogant power that alienates freedom's best friends everywhere."


kaleymorris said...

Did you know Al Gore sits on the board of directors for Apple Computers?
A sometimes overlooked detail, which I find makes him more likable.
Of course, a tiny detail makes me dislike Obama. He smokes.

Twilight said...

Hi K.

No, I didn't know of his connection with Apple, but I'd read that he is involved in internet technology generally.

LOL! Smoking might possibly be a sign of bad judgement, you reckon?
You are probably right, and we don't need another Prez with bad judgement!