Tuesday, August 28, 2007


We stood outside on the driveway watching as the lunar eclipse became total, around ten minutes to five. It was a beautiful sight. We had a grandstand view, and were the only humans around apart from a lady walking her elderly Dalmation.

With regard to the Moon, and eclipses in general, I have noticed that my life has seemed to move to a cyclic rhythm, in tune with my natal lunar nodes, and pre-natal eclipse (Taurus/Scorpio) - this could be due entirely, or in part, to the fact that Uranus (Sun's ruler) is conjunct South node, so this pattern may not be the same for everybody. What I have not noticed, though, are any significant events arising from eclipses which touched natal planets or points, other than the nodal ones. I guess this is just my personal pattern.

Today's lunar eclipse occurred in my relocated first house (natal 9th house), 2 degrees from natal Jupiter. I'll remain watchful over the coming weeks, just in case I can identify anything eclipse-related.

A past eclipse that I remember particularly well was on 4 May 2004. A Lunar Eclipse at 14.42 Scorpio, just one degree from my natal North node of the Moon. When arranging for our civil marriage, I noticed that the proposed date I'd given the Registrar (back in England) was the date of that eclipse! After researching electional astrology with regard to weddings, I decided that this would never do. I went back, feeling a little sheepish, to ask to amend the date, and gave my reason. The Registrar sighed and smiled wanly as I uneasily whispered, "We don't want any bad luck, do we?" We were wed on 30 April that year, and things worked out well. That was one eclipse that changed my life - and how !

In honour of the current eclipse season, here's a video I found on YouTube -"Eclipse" by Pink Floyd, with added graphics - I couldn't have done it better myself !

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