Saturday, August 18, 2007

Bringing Kucinich to Center Stage

It appears to me that presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich is being sidelined or ignored by the media. This is due to mainstream media's concentration on Democratic candidates with corporate backing and lots of $$$$$ - y'all know who they are. We are told they are the "front-runners". We are told, if anything about Kucinich, that he is "unelectable". Who will benefit from spreading this word? Certainly not the people of the USA, who should be left to draw their own conclusions about that, after reading and listening to what he has to say about the kind of America he would aim for, were he to become president.

Dennis Kucinich may not have the commanding presence of an Al Gore, nor his background, nor his $$$$$$$, but what he does have is the courage to put what money he has where his mouth is, and actually try to bring American politics and the USA nearer to what its brave pioneers dreamed that it would become.

I believe that if people were left to make up their own minds, if each candidate was given equal time in televised debates, equal placement on stage(i.e. each moving along so that everyone has a period of time at center stage) and that journalists were required to give each candidate equal space, at least until nearer the primaries, there might be a very different picture before us now. Let's not forget that the election is in November 2008! These candidates have been campaigning for many months already and it's not even November 2007! The public ought not to be led by the nose by mainstream media - not yet! Not ever, really.

Dennis Kucinich's pages on MySpace are HERE - they carries videos and information all in one place for anyone who isn't aware of his views and policies.

I'd like to write about astrological indications over the coming months for Dennis, but feel my knowledge isn't adequate. I'll fall back on the following: from Astrodatabank (from whence the chart was copied), a comment added in 2005 by Abe Tenley .

The only thing I can add is that in April next year transiting Uranus will conjoin Dennis's natal Moon. Perhaps that will bring a significant change - one way or the other.

Abe Tenley 11/6/2005 Nov 6, 2005
"Speculative predictions:
He will play a more prominent role in the 2008 presidential elections than he did in the 2004 elections. Starting in July or August 2007 he will gain more national recognition. It seems unrealistic to me from the perspective of his current political standing that he could win the nomination and the election, but his chart does seem to support a lot of success and recognition in November 2008 and in the two years following (2009 and 2010). His chart also shows success for a partner at that time, so perhaps he could gain a vice-presidential nomination and election.
From 2010 to 2013 he may focus on relieving the suffering or poverty of the common people.
If any of these speculations actually unfold in national political events, I will provide the astrological logic for them."

Journalist John Nichols has this week written an excellent article entitled "An Attempt to Deceive Americans into Yet Another War", it appears in the Nation and here Common Dreams.
A large collection of comments follow the article, and indicate that Kucinich does have a band of faithful supporters, in spite of media's apparent attempt to sideline him.


Anonymous said...

I like Kucinich on some issues, especially the war, and that idealism still appeals. But he sounds stuck in the '60s - which ain't a bad place to be but it's not a place you can be and get elected in this country. The right wing, the media and even the old far left have trivialized the '60s so much, that if you get associated with those times and ideals, a lot of the American public sees you as just a charicature. Take that from someone who's been called a "hippie" for the last 35 years.

That said, I want someone who has a foot both in idealism and pragmatism; who can offer some new ideas and isn't afraid to suggest some new solutions, and who can then go sell those ideas to folks. That's not Dennis and it's not Hillary and it's definitely not any of the Republican candidates - it's Obama. Obama's not been tainted by The Beltway yet, and Hillary, even though she's intellectually capable and extremely saavy politically, is just another version of the same stuff we've had since the second Regan election, with one exception - Bill Clinton. Unfortunately, we're going to elect the wrong Clinton!

And never underestimate how important money is in a political campaign - and it always has been that way in American politics. Aside from George Washington's election - which was more or less just a proclaimation for a hero, much like the Romans used to make "Ceasars" out of generals who won great wars - money has always been key in getting a message out. Even our greatest president - Mr. Lincoln - had access to three times the money his two main opponents, Douglas and Breckinridge had in the election of 1860.

Mygawd, sorry to run on so ... must be the late hour and the wine!

Twilight said...

TNPOTUS - Hi! Nice to see ya!

I don't see Dennis as "60s". I didn't partake of the 60s hippy culture, so I probably see things differently from most Americans.

Of current candidates (both sides)I see Dennis Kucinich as the ONLY hope for any future at all, both for the USA and the world. His domestic policies are not idealist, they are humane. His ideas about peace are the only way to go if man is to survive - simple as that TNPOTUS. America has to move out of adolescence into adulthood and I think DK could steer it there.

Obama would be second choice, but I don't trust his views on Iran and Iraq and war in general, especially in a crisis situation.

Each time I see Mrs Clinton I see Maggie Thatcher before my eyes - a nightmare waiting to happen.

The issue of money (and religion) playing such a big part in politics is hard for me to get used to. Makes me cringe. It just can't be right.

I'm feeling a bit cranky this a.m. after that noisy stormy night Erin gave us. (HWK has gone back to bed.)

Thanks for your views - you always provide something of interest. :-)

Anonymous said...

Know what you mean about Erin and cranky. She flooded the floor in "my room" with water building up on the concrete pad outside the eventually seeping in under the sliding doors. My carpet worked, however! Yeah, it soaked up enough that a radius of water sogged the carpet about 4 feet into the room. So, we spent much of the morning and early afternoon using towels to soak up water, borrowing AJ's water "sucking" machine and moving CDs, books, folders and stacks of newspapers out of harm's way. We now have three fans running in that room trying to dry the carpet, but it will be a 2 or 3 day chore. I also spent some time digging a trench along the foundation of the back of the house so the next time water accumulates, it will have somewhere to go other than into my room!!

Then, just to make sure we weren't having too much fun, about 4 p.m. this afternoon (Sunday), the air conditioner that cools the main part of the house broke down. AJ was summoned (thank the stars or the gods or whatever for that man) and he's been working for nearly 5 hours, but seems to have it fixed.

The money thing and the role religion plays in politics ain't "right", but it's reality.

I like DK, I really do. I think he is humane and I share his ideas on peace - I just don't have faith that enough of humanity really cares about having to do the hard work it takes to create peace. Geez, it seems so simple. Peace can be rendered down to the single sentence statement my mother used to make when my brother and I were pestering each other: Just leave each other alone! Or it can be more eloquently expressed by the simple phrase that is a tennat shared by almost all major religions since before Jesus/Muhammad/Budda: Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.

But tonight, at least, I don't have much faith human beings can resist messing with each other! Maybe I'll feel better about that tomorrow.

Good night to you and HWK

Twilight said...

Oh dear! What a spoiled weekend you had - so sory to hear of it.
You two get little enough leisure at the best of times.

Yep, if I believed in angels, AJ is one, (heavily disguised)!

I suppose I just need more time to get used to American politics, its flaws and scars (re money, religion etc), but I'm learnin'.

I agree whole heartedly about peace, and people. I fear that it'll take a very nasty lesson before enough come to their senses and see the light. Sigh.

I hope you are squelching a little less today.