Thursday, December 01, 2016


Here, once again, comes December with all its modern glittery hassle and calls to buy, buy and go, go, and do, do.

Although December is the 12th month of our year, its name implies, correctly, that once upon an ancient Roman time it was the 10th month - decem = ten.
(See Wikipedia.)

Wandering around number 10.

In astrology:
Each zodiac sign of 30 degrees is split into "decans" - 10ths : 3 sets of 10 degrees.
Capricorn, Cardinal Earth is 10th sign of the zodiac, ruled by Saturn.
10th house represents one's career, work and public persona.
On 10th house cusp is the midheaven angle - a potent spot in an astrological chart.

In Tarot:
Card 10 of the Major Arcana is The Wheel of Fortune. In traditional tarot decks the Wheel has the four mystical creatures of the bible (Ezekiel 1:10, Revelation 4:7) in the four corners, corresponding to the four Fixed signs of the Zodiac: A bull = Taurus, a lion = Leo, an eagle = Scorpio, and a winged man = Aquarius. The card is interpreted along these lines: unexpected developments, change of course, new way of life; conflicts of interest , circumstances beyond one's control; some chaos then the start of something better ; the hand of fate; advice to maintain a flexible attitude.

Number 10 follows number 9 which in the Tarot is the Hermit. The Hermit is the self-realized wise one. 10 + 9 = 19; 1 + 9 = 10; 1 + 0 = 1.... and round and around we go.....the wheel turns.


Ten is the culmination of previous steps into a 2 digit numeral, but 1 + 0 = 1 thus the end becomes the beginning.

The 1 and the 0 = binary code, the male and female that is within every structure and every code of creation.

Biologically the 1 represents the male penis and the O is the woman's vagina, which combine to create life.

Humans have 10 fingers and toes - must have come in very erm...handy in earliest times, probably the original mechanics of counting.

And so, it's


mike said...

Off to a bad start here on December 1st. GiGi lost her footing going up the stairs on Sunday, putting a severe cut on her lips and lower jaw line. I've been treating the damage with salt water washes and coconut oil, but yesterday started an OTC antibiotic medication for mouth wounds. This morning she was having spasms in her back, right foot and wouldn't walk...gasp, panic! Took her to the vet at 7:30 this morning and he says that she has a bad infection between her toe pads of that foot, which is probably responsible for her fall on the stairs. She received an injection for inflammation plus antibiotic, plus several topical ointments. Whew! I thought I had poisoned her with the oral OTC medication.

We will all be celebrating the winter solstice in a couple of weeks and, as you mention, the beginning of solar Capricorn season. Always amazes me around January 10th, as I notice the days becoming longer. I walk GiGi every night about 6:30 PM after her dinner and it's in the dark right now. Nice to see all of the Xmas lights on our walk.

We've only had cool fronts here in coastal S TX, with the coldest overnight low being about 50*...days are in the 70s and very pleasant, but we had one 92* day this week. Forecast for the weekend has the coldest front yet arriving, with clouds and rain. Trees are still with green leaves, flowers are still in full bloom, with the attendant bees and migrating butterflies and hummingbirds.

I need to mow the grass, which I was going to do this morning, but I'll have to postpone that until next week, as GiGi needs to be monitored. She refuses to walk right now, but I'm hesitant to leave her alone in the house for several hours. Think I'll make a second cup of coffee, which is rare for me; one cup is my usual limit.

Happy December!

Twilight said...

mike ~ Oh, so sorry to read that. Poor wee GiGi - that infection must have been sitting, hiding, there for a while. On the positive side, her fall meant that it was detected and treated. I hope the healing begins quickly for her sake - and for yours. I can imagine what a worry it must be. (((Hugs to both of you!)))

Christmas lights are springing up here and there around us too. We don't go out much at night now, as anyjazz dislikes night driving, mainly due to the glare of oncoming headlights affecting his sight, but we do drive, slowly, around the immediate neighbourhood around Christmas time just to sample the often dramatic light shows some people put on in their yards and on their houses each year. We limit our own selves to a non-lighted Christmas-style wreath and a nodding Santa on a spring in the front garden (also good for indicating earthquakes!) Haven't put them out yet. Haven't yet got into Christmas mode. I should be thinking about starting Christmas card writing for UK recipients, but haven't been able to raise sufficient enthusiasm so far.

We've had two or three nights when temps dipped below freezing, but daytime temps, after noon, are pleasant, as long as the sun's out. Trees in and around town are really pretty right now - probably at peak Fall-colour.

Do let us know how GiGi progresses - I'll be thinking of y'all. :-)

mike (again) said...

Off - Continuing your and LB's Washington Post Black List discussion, here's something that is occurring and parallels the Black List's threat to progressive websites. I'd have to say that it was really the WaPo's lack of journalistic ethics to publish its article that is of the greater concern, though the Black List has liberal sites running scared.

"Breitbart declares war on Kellogg's after cereal brand pulls advertising from site"

Twilight said...

mike (again) ~ Yes, agreed, Washington Post was not acting like a responsible newspaper at all. The body creating the blacklist was not a known and trusted body - could've easily been a few nerdy youngsters in ma's basement!

Apparently someone has now also published a blacklist of lefty professors.

Re Kellog's - good for them! Nice to know.