Monday, December 26, 2016

Drops of Astrology

It was strangely revealing to me to read a post I wrote one December a decade ago - during my first few months as an enthusiastic new astrology blogger:

Living with an Astro-agnostic

Question: How does a woman who lives and breathes astrology (or her version of it) cope when married to an astro-agnostic ?
Answer: She develops a thick skin, and finds every available opportunity to point out astrological "coincidences" to her beloved. She takes advice from Ovid: Gutta cavat lapidem - Dripping water hollows out a stone.

She: "Look, dear - he won the race just as Jupiter was passing over his Mars!"
He: "Huh??"

She: "Did you realise that when your daughter broke her foot Saturn was exactly conjunct her ascendant?"
He: "No!" (worried expression)

She: "Have you noticed that I often become temperamental when the Moon is full ?"
He: " that No."

She: The TV started acting up AGAIN when Mercury was retrograde, do you find that significant?
He: "Mercury was WHAT??"

She: Look at this chart luv, your North Node is exactly joined to my Venus. Isn't that nice ?
He: (Looking sheepish) Sounds delightful!

I think my ploy is working, but slowly. Last week, when out to dinner with family, someone was telling my husband about the doings of an acquaintance, and happened to mention that they had the same birthday as my husband: "He was born on the same day as you, but 10 years earlier". "What time?" said my husband... a reflex action ! After all, he's heard me ask the same question so many times ! Gutta cavat lapidem ? Or did I catch a wickedly teasing gleam in the beloved's eye ?

(NOTE:“Gutta cavat lapidem, non vi, sed saepe cadendo. - A drop of water hollows a stone, not by force, but by continuously dripping”.)

Returning to late 2016, I suspect drops of astrology, over many years, have hollowed out, still further, my own complete and enthusiastic acceptance of the subject. I no longer "live and breathe astrology". I do still believe there's "something going on", but now seldom mention this to Himself, or to anyone who isn't at least in the same library as I am - though not necessarily on the same page of the same book.

What a difference a decade makes!

It's Music Monday - here's a song with a drop of astrology included:


Remembering George Michael who died yesterday, Christmas Day. Yet another famous face gone far, far too soon. It has been a very bad year!
One earlier post of mine, from 2009, about him is HERE.


Kaleymorris said...

"She: "Did you realise that when your daughter broke her foot Saturn was exactly conjunct her ascendant?"
So, what about this year at mid-May?

Twilight said...

Kaleymorris ~ Hi! Hadn't checked that - will do so....

Mid-May this year: transiting Saturn was at 14 degrees of Sagittarius. Natal Saturn of the lady in question is 19 Sagittarius - Bingo! 5 degrees is (as astrologers say) within orb - i.e. within range of a conjunction (sufficiently close to be meaningful). Saturn is the planet said to rule bones, structure in general, law, career, and restriction/limitation.

There's an astrological event known as the Saturn Return, it happens every 29.5 years when Saturn returns to its natal position - so around one's late twenties, late fifties and mid eighties it's sometimes possible to sense a special challenge or two arising, maybe in the form of career change (Saturn rules career) - or change of career demands, or other noticeable event. There's info online - a search engine + "Saturn Return" will bring up lots of links. My advice, though, don't read too much into it, many writers on the topic tend to be overly dramatic in my experience!

The lady in question has had Saturn Return exact - exact to the degree in fact - during this month. Saturn will be wandering off now, degree by degree further away from natal Saturn as the days pass on into 2017.

Astrology works, not always, and not always as expected - but enough to be noticed.

Kaleymorris said...

Well ... hmmm. Don't know what to make of the Saturn Return. I guess sometimes it's easier to match things up in retrospect.
All I know is the fractures seem to come in 10-year intervals. Could almost feel this one coming on and wasn't a bit surprised by it.

Twilight said...

Kaleymorris ~ Saturn Return has been "in play" for you varying from a few degrees before, or exact due to a bit of planetary waltzing, from around this time last year. As you say, it'll be easier to notice any relevant pattern, if there is one, with benefit of hindsight. Y'all had some bad stuff during quite a bit of year last year though - timing may be off a month or two, astrologically, so this Saturn thing in your chart might relate. I didn't find anything in J's chart at the time, but it all did affect you too.

Alternatively, I can't think of a clear 10 year astrological cycle, but it could be that as Saturn, in the course of its transits, "hits" sensitive places on your chart, something bone-related is more at risk to occur. It could also happen that, coincidentally, this occurs for you at around a 10-year interval. Or perhaps something more along the lines of bio-rhythms (about which I know nothing)might fit the 10 year interval. :-)