Monday, December 19, 2016

Music Monday ~ "Let's hope it's a good one..."

By next Music Monday another Christmas will have come and gone so, today calls for something seasonal!

This one has an excellent video accompaniment:


mike said...

A lot can happen in a week nowadays. Astrologically, this is a Xmas-special, with Mercury stationary retrograde today, winter solstice the 21st, Saturn trine Uranus December 24th, and Venus trine Jupiter while sextile Saturn and Uranus, all on the 25th, but with the much anticipated Jupiter opposed Uranus aspect a week from today on the 26th. What does it all mean?!

Here's one of my off-beat favorites for Xmas, The Raveonettes' "The Christmas Song"

And for some anyjazz-blues, Albert King's "Santa Claus Wants Some Lovin'"

Twilight said...

mike ~ Mercury stationing retrograde.... our internet is sluggishly annoying today - was yesterday and Saturday too, though. Wondered if the extreme cold was affecting it somehow, maybe Merc-retro is adding to the frustrations. What the rest of the astrology of this Christmas means, in general, is intriguing, bearing in mind the electoral college vote. I understand we'll not know the outcome until ...6 January?
Dang! They do love to keep us in suspense!

Thanks for the extra Christmas tunes - nice!

Twilight said...

mike ~ LOL! Just seen this:

Dictionary Merriam-Webster has named "surreal" as its word of the year.

Very Uranian!

mike (again) said...

..."marked by the intense irrational reality of a dream"...yes, indeed! We're living it. Wish it was as easy as waking-up and returning to reality, but ironically, my dreams are the better version.

mike (again) said...

No luck with the Electoral College. Thought we'd have to wait, but apparently each state does an immediate count, which is publicly disclosed. Several articles I've read state that Trump's conflicts of interest will have to be addressed, though he isn't in violation of the Emoluments Clause until January 20th, when he becomes POTUS. It then becomes a Congressional issue. I'd hoped the Electors would raise a stink about this issue, but apparently above their pay-grade. KellyAnne Conway will no doubt make yet another insanely contorted statement.

I knew we were up for a solar eclipse August 21, 2017, but didn't realize the path cuts the entire USA and is in close orb of Trump's Asc, and his Mars, too. Saturn Rx will be right on Trump's Moon.

August 21, 2017, eclipse:

Video of the path:

And for the devout:
"A 627-year-old 'blood miracle' failed to occur, heralding disaster for 2017"

Twilight said...

mike (again) ~ Ah well - at least we know the bad news straight away and can have plenty of time to digest it.

Trump will probably not survive, as POTUS, for a full year - though we'll be no better off with Pence. Much girding of loins will be in order!

Blood miracle? That'll be the least of our worries. Just wait until Punxsutawney Phil commits harikari. ;-)

anyjazz said...

Can't resist adding this. I have many Christmas favorites in jazz most of which don't occur on youtube. However, when Christmas Jazz is mentioned, this is the first that comes to mind.

Twilight said...

anyjazz ~ Thanks - that's a pretty one!