Saturday, December 10, 2016

Saturday and Sundry Sevens of Trumps

A bit of silliness to get into a mood vaguely resembling seasonal. Snow White's 7 dwarfs - are they archetypes we could link to the 5 planets and two lights? Probably not, but I'm always willing to have a go. I posted the original version of the dwarfs post 7 years ago, this year I'm wondering whether, just for fun, I could also relate any of Donald Trump's obnoxious bunch of cabinet members and other picks to those mythical 7 dwarfs. After doing that, I stumbled into a much darker side of "the sevens".

Happy: SUN..... Obvious, innit? Herr/Hair Leader-elect himself I guess.

Sleepy: MOON... What do we (mostly) do when the Moon's out? Ben Carson, chosen for Secretary of Housing and Urban Development usually looks sleepy.

Doc: MERCURY...The geeky one with specs. Steve Mnuchin, soon to be Secretary of the Treasury looks the part.

Bashful: VENUS.....Love...when in love many feel bashful. Dunno - maybe reserve this one for Trump's Secretary of State pick - he seems to be bashful about naming one.

Sneezy: MARS..... Explosive eruptions from the nasal region. Rep. Tom Price, Secretary of Health and Human Services - seems appropriate!

Dopey: JUPITER...Purple hat & BIG ears give him away. Sen. Jeff Sessions, Attorney General - I doubt he's THAT dopey, but he does have ears!

Grumpy: SATURN... Obvious, innit? Retired Gen. James Mattis, Secretary of Defense

While considering sevens, and Donald Trump's picks for his cabinet and committees, that other famous seven springs to mind. I can't relate these individually but all seven, bundled, in a mixture of strengths wouldn't be far off communally, with the possible exception of sloth, because they'll all be too busy utilising the other six.

Envy = the desire to have an item or experience that someone else possesses

Gluttony = excessive ongoing consumption of food or drink

Greed or Avarice = an excessive pursuit of material possessions

Lust = an uncontrollable passion or longing, especially for sexual desires

Pride = excessive view of one's self without regard to others.

Sloth = excessive laziness or the failure to act and utilize one’s talents

Wrath = uncontrollable feelings of anger and hate towards another person.

Venturing further into the dark side of sevens:
WikipediaThe Seven bowls are a set of plagues mentioned in Revelation 16. They are recorded as apocalyptic events that were seen in the vision of the Revelation of Jesus Christ, by John of Patmos. Seven angels are thus given seven bowls of God's wrath, each consisting of judgements full of the wrath of God. These seven bowls of God's wrath are poured out on the wicked and the followers of the Antichrist after the sounding of the seven trumpets.

Hmmm...erm, excuse me....


mike said...

I think Snow White's dwarfs are far too mild to represent Trump, et al. Seems a sacrilege to compare the helpful dwarfs to Death Star ("Star Wars").

It does seem that the seven seals are being visited by the lamb. Trump and his cabinet are sure to expedite the process considerably. Nothing good can come of that outfit. I find it fascinating that Hillary was despised for her connections to Wall Street and other perceived ills, yet the victor and his appointments are the epitome of conservative elitism. Asleep at the wheel, I tell ya...careful what we choose.

"Seven Against Thebes" might be more representational. We'll see if Trump declares himself keeper of the throne.

There are the seven, classical planets, observable by the eye. Your list of the seven sins perhaps correlates to Trump's natal chart. Somehow Trump has managed to incorporate the worst of each planetary influence and aspect, which reflects his cabinet member selections. I always try to remember that "there's the worst in the best of us, and the best in the worst of us"...can't quite figure-out what the best is in Trump's plethora of worst.

Twilight said...

mike ~ Dwarf links etc. not meant to be serious commentary - just trying to lighten things, bearing in mind ever darkening news cycles. :-(

It'd have been just as possible to do this post in the case of a Clinton win. "Careful what we choose" you wrote - but truly the only real viable choice we had was taken from us by the Clinton DNC when it did all it could to supress Bernie Sanders' campaign. Hillary deserves contempt. Trump deserves it too, given his recent choices.

mike (again) said...

Once again I'll remind you that I certainly did not favor Clinton, but there's no comparison with Trump and his cartel of alt-right, neoliberal, 0.01% elites. Had Clinton won the election and appointed this band of soul-sucking vampires, there would have been a cacophony of outrage to impeach her ass. I had contempt for Clinton, but I was way beyond contempt with Trump BEFORE the election. I don't know how Trump managed to find appointees that have biographies so extreme, they almost (but not really) make Trump seem like a middle-of-the-road, business man with morals and ethics.

Twilight said...

mike (again) ~ I know...please excuse any snippiness on my part - I've a nasty allergy or air pressure related headache goin' on.

His nominees still have to be accepted by congress don't they, though. If there are enough reasonable Republicans left, maybe some of the nasty crew will not be accepted.

It's possible to make up stories as to why Trump has chosen such scumbags - for instance, so that he can "fire" them when they do stuff his supporters don't like, and make himself look good. He loves to look good. (That's just one of several stories one could invent).

Truth is most likely to be that he, himself, is the biggest scumbag of all - he's letting down the Gemini brand badly too!

mike (again) said...

I didn't take your comment as snippy...just truth...LOL. Yes, the Senate does have to approve Trump's appointments, but Harry Reid, et al, made that easier in 2013, changing the requirement to a simple majority (51%). What goes around, comes around.

I don't think Trump will be firing these cabinet appointees, but instead defending them as necessary to "make America great again". If these elites are confirmed, there should be investigations regarding their conflict of interest, though I don't see how Trump can be POTUS with his own vast conflicts of interest, but he's scheduled a December 15th news conference to tell us how he'll proceed. Should be interesting to see-hear him twist this to his favor and how the media and Democrats should stop antagonizing him.

Feel better! It could be dry air from these cold fronts, plus using inside heating, which decreases humidity levels even more. Do you have a humidifier or a pan of simmering water on the stove?

Twilight said...

mike (again) ~ So many things seem just wrong - everything feels kind of upside down - as though we inadvertently slipped into a parallel universe. It's hard to imagine how things will go from here on.

Thanks. The headache could be dry air, combined with the fact that I have sneezing fits and lots of nose blowing afterwards, using up some body fluids. We don't have a humidifier, but our gas log fire puts some humidity in the air, as does the new furnace we had to have installed a couple of years ago. I shall drink more water - see if it helps.
It's supposed to be a tad warmer Sunday - that might help too.

R J Adams said...

I had to smile when you named 'Bashful' as Secretary for State - given that we'd just heard here thatTrump is almost certainly going to put forward Rex Tillerson, CEO of ExxonMobil, for the job. You gotta larf!
Sounds like you should be 'Sneezy'. I hope you're better in time for Christmas.

Twilight said...

RJ Adams ~ The word is same this side of t'Pond also. I was hoping for Jon Huntsman as Trump's Sec of State - Huntsman appears to be that rare being: a really decent Republican. Should've known, though, that Trump's style, as becomes ever more clear, is to pick the absolute worst of the choices available.

Thanks - these allergy-related sneeze fits pop up regularly through the year, but at this time of year they're often particularly virulent.