Friday, December 23, 2016

Arty Farty Friday ~ A painter born, and departed, at Christmas-time: Noël Coypel

I had intended to give Arty Farty Friday a miss this Christmas weekend, but noticed there was, once upon a time, a painter who was actually born on a Christmas Day and died on a Christmas Eve - so decided to put up a trio of his works, including one very appropriate to the season.

Noël Coypel born 25 December 1628 died 24 December 1707. He was a French painter, also known as Coypel le Poussin, because he was heavily influenced by the artist Poussin.

Coypel was born in Paris, the son of an unsuccessful artist. Having been employed by Charles Errard to paint some of the pictures required for the Louvre, and having afterwards gained considerable fame by other pictures produced at the command of the king, in 1672 he was appointed director of the French Academy at Rome. After four years he returned to France; and not long after he became director of the Academy of Painting. The Martyrdom of St James in Nôtre Dame is perhaps his finest work. Coypel was a pupil of Noël Quillerier.

More of Coypel's paintings can be seen via Google Image HERE.


 Jupiter in Chariot between Justice and Piety

 Triumph of Saturn on his Chariot pulled by Dragons


mike said...

He was of hardy stock to have lived to the age of 78 (almost 79!) back in the 17th-18th centuries.

Twilight said...

mike ~ Indeed. Maybe due to the fact, too, that he'd likely have eaten well due to patronage of the Great and the Good; no addiction to tobacco, and able to steer clear of any consumptive or otherwise diseased members of the unfortunate peasantry.