Wednesday, June 17, 2015


"We boil at different degrees".
(Ralph Waldo Emerson).
Are you prone to temper tantrums, sulky silences, violent outbursts quickly subdued, cool sardonic comebacks, or sweet as sunshine all the time?

From An Encyclopaedia of Psychological Astrology by C.E.O. Carter, first published 1924, Fourth Edition 1954. My copy reprinted 1963:

Temper must be judged from the rising sign, Mercury, and the general appearance of the horoscope.
The usual characteristics of the signs when rising are:

Aries - Easily angered and then often go to great lengths.

Taurus - Not readily moved, but when aroused become furious.

Gemini - Not bad tempered, but can be "waspish" and malicious.

Cancer - Not easily angered, but soon hurt. Timid.

Leo - Often hot-tempered, though affectionate.

Virgo - Temper is usually controlled and seldom violent. Often uses "the retort courteous". Tends to shun conditions that are liable to upset it.

Libra - Seldom the first to quarrel. Easily appeased.

Scorpio - Hot-tempered, especially when its affections are touched. Implacable and rarely forgets.

Sagittarius - Good-tempered.

Capricorn - The temper is generally cold, and the tongue controlled.

Aquarius - Courteous.

Pisces - Good-tempered.

In cardinal signs the temper is usually sharp; in mutable nagging, and in fixed sudden and violent. The above remarks apply, of course, to ordinary, everyday persons, Mercury, and to a somewhat less extent the Lights or ascendant, afflicted by malefics usually corrupts the temper. Fiery signs are usually the most explosive. Mars afflicted by Uranus in Fire generally causes a bad temper, and Mars and Saturn are also often evil. On the other hand, Venus conjunct Mercury, the Lights or ascendant will usually cause the moods to be harmonious and equable. Jupiter, in similar circumstances, inclines to good spirits and bodily health.

It must not be forgotten how often a bad temper is really the direct results of some functional disorder, such as liver trouble or nervous derangement.

Often the signs of good and bad temper are contradictory and in such cases a person's disposition will vary

That's pretty accurate for my Cancer rising, with some modification from Capricorn Mercury, but Aries Moon can boil me over at times. How about you?


mike said...

I have Gemini on the ascendant, Sun-Mercury-Venus conjunct in Scorpio, and my Mars is square Saturn. Overall, I'm slow to anger, with more of a mental interpretation rather than emotional. I prefer to view all of my interpersonal behavior from a professional stance, ie leave the emotions out of it, but easier said than done sometimes. My Mars-Saturn square tends to dampen the volatility of Mars and Saturn constantly reminds of consequences from rash actions. My Sun-Mercury-Venus are at the midpoint (45*, semi-square) of the Mars-Saturn square, which reinforces the necessity to avoid reacting or over-reacting. I enjoy debate, but I find that many individuals take offense over differing viewpoints and rationality can be lost. I explained in previous comments that I have a science background and I've had to accommodate the peer-review process with the inherent critiques, not taking feedback or comments personally, and that objectivity is a better path.

My greatest roadblocks are in the arena of ideologies and-or philosophies, where there is no true right answer or perspective, as found in politics, religion, and morals-ethics. I'm usually dumbfounded at first, but quickly realize I'm hitting a brick wall and better to recede. Very little can be accomplished when one or both individuals in conflict are expressing anger...better to wait until the flames die-down.

mike (again) said...

P.S. - I believe that transits to the natal chart can induce durations of increased agitation and-or stress, as can transits in general. The entire globe seems to have endured a multi-year period, most of the 2000s so far, of unrest starting with Saturn's opposition to Pluto, then Neptune, followed by the Saturn-Uranus-Pluto T-square, which became the Uranus-Pluto square with transiting planets in Cancer and Libra setting-off an occasional T-square or grand-square. These aspects seem to have affected individuals and collectives through polarization, often pitting one against the other. Directed and displaced anger has become a major issue on all levels. It's so easy to become angry over something, as the menu is large.

Twilight said...

mike ~ "Rationality can be lost" - yes, that's something I try hard to keep in mind when I feel temper rising, also the question of "does it (whatever "it" is) really matter THAT much?"
There's a quote I often bring to mind at heated times - I think I first heard it in a recording of an old interview with Noel Coward - spoken in his rather posh, lazy drawl:
"Everything matters, but nothing matters terribly."

Your personal take on temper, your own and in general does match your rising sign very well.

Twilight said...

mike (again) ~ Yes, those are some good points to keep in mind, especially in regard to the collective and anger.

It makes me think, though, are temper and anger different? One can be angry without displaying temper. Hmmm....

Bob said...

Sag, Cap, and Aqua - rising, Moon, Sun and Merc. Mix 'em up. Merc sq Ura, Ura trine MC, Sun opp Plu, Plu trine Asc, Jup con Sat, Sun sq Jup and Sat, Jup and Sat sq Plu. Moon trine Jup and Sat, Merc sextile Mars, Mars rising. I think all regarding signs and houses of no use. Only aspects to angles -MC, Asc and squares to them (E. Pt., W. Pt., proper Zenith and Nadir).

The planets and angles and spatial aspects between them exist in reality and can be properly measured. Signs and houses are contrived by man.

Sonny G said...

Not sure what/where in my chart anger is located:)

I dont snap at people BUT I will snap back and fiercely, especially if the anger is based on my feelings being hurt or my character being questioned.

Twilight said...

Bob ~ That's a point of view I'm not equipped to argue against, I can see it has some merit, especially with regard to astrological houses, but not the signs - they do work, at least I've found them to, most of the time. I do tend towards the "no walls in space" thing, though, and suspect that cusp areas are not as sharply divided as most astrologers contend.

The problem with your method would be that someone without an exact time of birth remains shut out of astrology because their chart angles are unknown. Apart from that, it'd be an interesting alternative system.

Bob said...

Visuals of chart, aspects, and speculum.

Twilight said...

Sonny ~ I can't remember your rising sign - does it fit at all with C>E>O> Carter's list in the post?

Anger and temper might also be slightly different...I haven't decided yet. I see temper as an instant dramatic and heated reaction (it might have been boiling up from some stored anger or alternatively a quick response to a random incident). Whereas most people feel anger at some time, all do not display temper because of their angry feeling.

Bob said...

There is a very accurate and quick (unlike usual method) way to establish an accurate birth time. I have done so many times. Here is one recorded example. Time established to within 1 minute of BC using a single event.

"An example (with permission) of the efficacy of my technique to determine a time of birth having only 1 incident to work with and a choice of 2 locations for it to have occurred at:

Re: Your daughter's birth data

Hi ********,

For your daughter:

Dec 3, 1990, 6:17 pm, MST, Tucson, AZ

To which the reply was:

Re: Your daughter's birth data
« Sent to: unique_astrology on: May 11, 2013, 01:40:46 PM »

"I sent the following earlier but not sure if it got thru to you as I see I should have saved a copy to my outbox which I will do with this one. Here is a copy of my original answer:

Hi Bob, you are amazingly close, her birthdate Dec 3, 1990 6:18 p.m. Tucson, AZ."

Twilight said...

Bob ~ Thank you for the link to chart and further info on your method of rectification.

I'd ask how it works, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't understand the detail. I recall I gave an astrologer a list of at least 7 or 8 events in my, even then, longish life (marriages, significant meetings, major operation, major loss event (fire), deaths of parents, and so on.) He still couldn't establish a definite degree for my rising sign. You've already mentioned the degree you consider correct for me in an earlier comment, based on just events I've blogged about in these posts. That time seemed likely to be right for me, too. :-)