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June is the month named for Roman goddess Juno, her Greek equivalent was Hera. In mythology she was wife (and sister) of Jupiter (Roman)/Zeus (Greek). She tried to tame her unfaithful, freedom loving spouse away from his adventures, back to matrimonial duties.

The Peacock Complaining to Juno by Gustave Moreau, 1881


First verse of a poem titled Jupiter on Juno, by A.D. Hope from the book Antechinus

Juno is the goddess of marriage and childbirth. She is also considered the protector of women. She was devoured by her father Saturn, and rescued by her brother Jupiter, who she married. She is primarily known for being the wife of the father of all gods. She is jealous and stern, frequently quarreling with her husband over his numerous affairs, not to mention his illegitimate children.

She is usually portrayed as a majestic woman, often wearing a crown or a scepter to show her position as Queen of the Olympus. The peacock, an animal which she holds sacred, is one of her most characteristic symbols.

Juno is featured in works of art such as Tintoretto´s “Origin of the Milky Way”, as well as the painting above, titled “The Peacock Complaining to Juno” by Gustave Moreau. She is also feautured in ancient literary works, such as Homer´s “Iliad” and “Odyssey”
Source: “Gods and Heroes in Art”, by Lucia Impelluso. Hat-tip HERE.

In astrology asteroid Juno (glyph shown, right) takes its attributes from the myths associated with that goddess - notably her position as patroness of marriage. Where asteroid Juno is found in one's natal chart is said to indicate attitude to marriage, marriage partner, etc.

Juno, right now, is at around 22 degrees of Leo.

I don't usually pay much attention to asteroids in astrology, the astrological scene is complicated enough, using all possible combinations available, without adding further content. But, as it's Juno's special month now, I took a a peek at my natal chart, with Juno added, at Astrodienst in the Extended Chart Selection segment. When I was born Juno was at 20 Capricorn, around a degree from natal Mercury, and a few degrees from the descendant angle (depending on exact time of birth of which I'm not certain). Do interpretations for this placement fit me?

There's a fairly clear consensus among on-line astrology sites that Juno in Capricorn translates as a native preferring the solid, upstanding, traditional-type partner, a good earner, reliable, trustworthy etc. Ideally will require a partnership to be legalised by marriage. May gravitate towards an older partner.
Juno conjunct Mercury : likely to be attracted to partners with good communication skills, witty and fluent. Communication will have to be clear and honest, and within any relationship an absolute priority.

Hmmm- well from that little lot I can pick two items which fit or have fitted in the past, and some which do not fit at all.

Sure, I have always paid little or no attention to age. I lived with a much older partner for 30+ years - without "benefit" a marriage certificate. Who needs that - a piece of paper? Husband and I have that piece of paper now, because US authorities wouldn't have allowed me to live with him here without it.

Close relationship is the most important thing in my life, always has been - possibly a need created by being an only child, lacking companionship of siblings in childhood. So Juno close to a chart angle works well. I've always been attracted to good writers, or at least writers who can pull a decent sentence together, a touch of wit thrown in is the cherry on top; and/or to those who can paint and draw well.

Juno in Capricorn interpretations indicating that any partner would be required to be solid, upstanding, "a good earner" doesn't fit me at all...not at all! Being severely independent I've always been able to fill that role for myself. It appears that, in my case, Aquarius Sun and Aries Moon cancel out some of Juno's indications.

Anyone interested can easily discover their natal Juno position at the link above, free of charge. Or, alternatively, there's a Juno ephemeris HERE, covering years 1900 to 2015. Finding interpretations from a variety of websites is just a matter of typing "Juno in........(whatever zodiac sign)" into Google's search box.


Sonny G said...

25 Dec 1950 | 22 sc 5 :~ from link you posted

juno in Scorpio:: you will more than likely need a partner who will transform often, have deep emotions and deep feelings, their desires in life will run deep and they will have to learn the lesson of self mastery.

Juno in Scorpio: The need is for a partner who is intense, strong, and a bit secretive. They definitely must be good in bed.

this is what I found on the internet.. still looking:) back shortly if I find anymore info

Sonny G said...

hope the link this from astrodienst as you suggested..

does house placement matter?

Twilight said...

Sonny ~ Re House position, my opinion (and it's only an opinion) is that house position matters most if something falls on an angle (ascendant, midheaven or the two opposite points); or, in this case, if Juno is conjunct a planet in your chart. But astrologers who specialise in interpreting asteroid positions would probably think differently.

The link didn't work for me other than taking me to my own set of information.

mike said...

Juno is in Scorpio, 6th house, within conjunction of my vertex. I interpret this as "married" to my work and daily life, and an emphasis on analytical skills. I have natal Sun-Mercury-Venus all conjunct in mid-Scorpio, 6th house, so a tad difficult to tweeze-out Juno's individual effect. I'm a routine-kinda-guy that is rarely bored with the daily grind, so long as the grind contains new tasks and variations...there's always something to do in the mundane world. Over the years, I have traveled when on vacation, but eventually found the staycation more to my liking. However, I've lived in locations that offer a lot and many travelers-vacationers would consider destinations.

Anonymous said...

... I'm no Paycock
"I ofen looked up at the sky an' assed meself the question – what is the moon, what is the stars?"

I have Juno in I, in Libra ...
I will only wed a complete partner.


Twilight said...

mike and Sonny ~ Julie Demboski's 2009 pieces on Juno at Sasstrology briefly detail Juno through the signs (for male and for female) and in the Houses.

The Houses piece is linked at the end of the above.

For 6th House Julie wrote Juno in the 6th brings empowerment issues into the everyday and into the workplace. Colleagues may bring out your biggest challenges, as might your employment situation; both can act as barometers for your success at empowerment.

Sonny G said...

Juno in Scorpio~~~
finds her element in the depths of the Soul and of experience. Her negative outlet may be destruction that doesn’t discriminate.

Juno in Scorpio
Your spouse will be attractive and mysterious. Sexual compatibility will be a must. This positioning points to a jealous and obsessive spouse at times. Besides, it can be interpreted that you still have a karmic bond from the past between each other.

Found my chart with Juno added and then found a chart that shows Houses :) saved them both so maybe next time I'll know WHAT I have WHERE and what degree:) I'm learning ,Mike..

Juno in the 1st House: The 1st house is you, how you approach the world. Juno placed here can make being a partner the centerpiece of your life. Juno in the first house can also give you an air of innocence, something like a newborn child. This is especially true if Juno is within 10 degrees of the Ascendant and in the same sign.

Twilight said...

Anonymous/kidd ~ That Irish play was flitting around the back of my mind too, as I prepared the post - I've never seen it, but heard/read about it.

Juno in first House eh? Here's what Bob Marks says:

Juno in the 1st House: The 1st house is you, how you approach the world. Juno placed here can make being a partner the centerpiece of your life. Juno in the first house can also give you an air of innocence, something like a newborn child. This is especially true if Juno is within 10 degrees of the Ascendant and in the same sign.

Twilight said...

Sonny ~ Snap!! ;-)

Sonny G said...

:):) also if I looked at the calculations correctly, mine is within 10degrees of my ascend..

might be TMI but I have had several partners verbally verify the "Innocent Child" part , saying "it always feel NEW or like the 1st time".. Thats how I'm natured though.. regardless how many times I go somewhere or see something, I'm just as enthused as I was the first time:)

LB said...

My Juno is in Virgo, 1st house, *exactly* conjunct my husband's 6th house Venus, ruler of his Ascendant, which is conjunct his Jupiter-Moon in Virgo (close to my Virgo Ascendant). He's my kind of guy, wouldn't trade him in for any other ~ which doesn't mean we don't have our challenges. My husband is nothing like the guys I dated or the man I lived with before we met and married.

I think my Juno placement has had a lot to do with learning to love and respect myself and how being in a committed, healthy, loving relationship (with someone who appreciates me) has helped. In Virgo, I need to know our relationship is helping *both* of us to heal, by providing a solid, practical (and nurturing) base. Placed in the 1st, it's also important for me to maintain a degree of independence while still feeling supported and without getting lost in my husband or projecting.

I appreciate how we take care of one another and share a concern for others.:)

Anonymous said...

Wow ...

Too bloody hot down there for me ...
Good thing the glyph for Juno is a palm tree with a bench ...


Twilight said...

LB ~ Another 1st House Juno - y'all have this, I think, while mine is opposite in 7th.
Thanks for your personal experience of the placement - and it's a very pleasant one, I'm happy to note. :-)

Twilight said...

Anonymous/kidd ~ Are you referring to the USA's south or ..erm...that other place where it's said to be hot? It's too hot for me here today - Accuweather has us at 97 degrees "feels like 100 degrees" right now, 5.10pm. :-(
Silver's burning off the humidity.

Is that a palm tree? I thought it was an umbrella blown inside-out. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Seems a tad warm in Raaríhtaaru.

It's probably 70 F where I am, which is just within my limits.
Most of the populated world is hotter nearly all the time.

Juno you could be right ... Brits and their Brollys.


mike (again) said...

LOL, Kidd...I think you must have Juno in the 3rd house providing unusual communication-language skills.

"The city of Lawton (Pawnee: Raaríhtaaru? ) is the county seat of Comanche County, in the U.S. state of Oklahoma."

Anonymous said...

Indeed Mike ... a roaring bunch of bulls?

Some Juno/Mercury Conjunctions ...

- Mary Shelly -IV, Virgo
- Eleanor Roosevelt -X, Virgo/Libra
- Michel Gauguelin -IC, Scorpio
- Timothy Leary, ?, Scorpio
- Jawaharlal Nehru, ?, Scorpio
- Uri Geller -II, Sagittarius
- Germaine Greer -XII, Capricorn
- Marjorie Weinzweig -XII, Aquarius
- Helen Gurley Brown -II, Aquarius


Twilight said...

Anon/kidd & mike ~ Temperature in Raaríhtaaru has cooled now to around 79 at midnight(we're actually half an hour away from there in the county seat of less romantic sounding Stephens County, but temps are much the same.

Brollies are little used in these parts - though they did come in in useful this spring, just for a change.

Thanks for the list of Merc/Juno conjunctions, kidd. I'm not surprised Germaine Greer has the same placement as me - she was born two days later, (but Down Under, in Oz).