Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A tower, a titter, a tyre, and more....

We spent last weekend in Bartlesville, in northern Oklahoma. Main attraction in the town, for us, is the Price Tower, mini skyscraper designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. There's more about it, and him, in a 2009 post HERE. After gazing at the gem once again, we spent most of our time in nearby tiny towns of Dewey and Collinsville, where antique/junk outlets fill most of the old stores in their main streets.

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 The Price Tower

A bit of light creative humour goin' on here:

In Dewey their claim to fame is a connection to vintage cowboy movie star Tom Mix. He wasn't born in Dewey, but did work in the area, and his second wife came from the tiny town. See HERE. There's a Tom Mix Museum in town, and the well pictured below.

The signs on the window shown below aren't too clear (better if you click on image). I'll explain: On the left a sign declaring "We support Our Troops". On the right a sign: "Rick's Custom Slaughtering & Processing". Hmmm.
I'm reflecting on that!

And we reflected some more with a glass of iced coffee -

In one of the antique stores, in a corner at the back was a DeLorean motor car! I think it's a DMC12 (See HERE). You don't often see one of these in an antique store - especially not driven by giant teddy bears!

Oh look - we Aquarians have a drum set named in our honour!

On Sunday morning we were about to set off for home when husband discovered a flat tyre. AAA and Walmart's auto repair department to the rescue, and a couple of hours later we were good to go.

On Monday afternoon our air conditioning broke down - refused to work at all. It had been working on Sunday evening. Sigh - more frustration and discomfort as temperature Monday afternoon was nearing 100 degrees here.

UPDATE: 7:30 this morning husband's son (heat & air specialist) was here, he had been out of town yesterday, and discovered problem: faulty breaker. Fixed, for now. All's well that ends well...once again.


mike said...

Have you and anyjazz ever done an over-night at Price Tower? I looked at the rates and prices aren't that horrid at $145, and the two-story at $245. I'd go for the two-story experience, if I had the cash! I hadn't thought of Bartlesville as a destination, but Price Tower by itself, would be. I certainly don't perceive any destinations in my future other than several miles from my home, but never know. Have you seen the replica, The Classen, in Oklahoma City?

My empathy on your AC outage. I was without AC for a couple of years here when I had no income and I never ever want to be without again! I'm a wimp when it comes to heat, specially the torrid steam-heat of the deep south, with its eight months of summer. AC is one of several items I'd be sure to miss, if the apocalypse arrives.

Speaking of apocalypse, the Greek default announced today may be the financial domino, with many next to tumble. The USA is probably the least solvent, but miraculously still floating via smoke and mirrors.

Twilight said...

mike ~ No we've never stayed at the Price Tower. Those prices are a little too rich for our palate, and there'll be a hefty chunk of city, county, state taxes to add daily too. But, maybe one of these days, if we have some "funny money" to spare, it would be quite an experience to stay there. I dare not rely on what we are laughingly calling between ourselves "my inheritance" - to which I'm said to be entitled from two relatives' estates in the UK - one probably quite small the other quite a bit larger, and both to be shared among maybe a dozen other beneficiaries, my cousins. One of these days a tattered old ship might come rolling up the Red River to find me....ya never know...and at least there's some water in the Red at present!

AC all better now, thank goodness. I'm seriously wimpish about heat, always have been, it messes with my head. In case of apocalyptic permanent lack of AC, I'd have to decamp, dragging himself along kicking and screaming I guess....if we spot you hitch hiking to Alaska we'll stop to pick you up! :-)

Greece seems still to be seeking some kind of deal...haven't seen anything more on that yet. I don't fully understand what's going on to be honest, other than Greece leaving the Euro could be a bad thing all round (or not?)

Anonymous said...

Was the DeLorean for sale? If so, do you know the price.... Ta.

Twilight said...

Sabina ~ I have a vague memory of seeing a price label on it either $8,500 or $18,500...maybe, there was definitely an 8 in it! But husband has no memory of that, or any price tag at all - and he was more interested in the car than I was. Maybe it has no engine...I don't know...lol! We're both pretty certain that the car was in an antique store in Skiatook, Oklahoma - store is:
Black Gold Boarding House Antiques.

Address -

120 E. Rogers Blvd Skiatook, OK 74070‎
(918) 396-4911

Anonymous said...


Bob said...

So glad you have relief from the heat. Was worried for both of you.

Really Bob said...

The DeLorean has a flat tyre. Maybe somebody living there has a fetish for them. You're fortunate you escaped.

Do you know whether or not the DeLorean's doors are rusted open?

Did the town seem strange to you? I can't see any other people in your pictures.

How do we know you are you? (Cue theme from the Twilight Zone).

mike (again) said...

The Confederate flag debate...a hold on closing abortion clinics in TX...marriage equality...the Ten Commandments...what next? I was looking forward to the statue of satan and whatever offering was on the plate from The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster that were to have equal space with the Ten Commandments monument. This hasn't been a good month for the religious conservatives.

"Oklahoma Supreme Court Orders Removal Of Ten Commandments Monument From State Capitol"

Twilight said...

Bob ~ Thanks, yes, temperature in the house remains nice and cool now - we breathe again!

Maybe it was Flat Tyre Week in northern Oklahoma!

DeLorean's doors ? Could be, but seeing as those unique doors are what made the car famous, maybe not. I expect it was just a bit of marketing or showmanship on the part of the store owner, or car owner. :-)

Things were quiet in those little towns, that's the way we like it - all very Twilight Zone-ish. neenoo- nee-nooo - neee-noo! Sometimes we even stumble across a little town that's X-Files-ish. ;-)

Oh good - I'd missed that piece of news about the 10 Commandments monuments. I wonder if they'll remove a similar piece from our town's court house foyer? Steam came from my ears first time I saw that!

Yes, it has been a good week for many, but the good somewhat balanced by the dreadful TPP that'll likely be forced through shortly.