Thursday, June 11, 2015

My Own Retrograding - Hand in Hand with Mercury

Mercury Retrograde
has spanned he period
May 19 – June 11, 2015. Coincidentally (or not) I've had a bit of a re-tracing exercise going on during this exact span - unintentionally organised too, I should add.

Regular readers might recall my tale of woe about an accident I had while in New Mexico in late March (see here).

I refrained from taking the advice of the radiologist in New Mexico who seemed intent on putting the Fear of Dog into yours truly, by referring to two masses around my throat area, revealed by the CT scan they rushed me into. By the time I'd gathered my senses on the way back to our hotel, I was confident that the problems were not as dire as all that. I'd coughed up a piece of nasty caused by the blow to my throat, which could possibly account for one mass, on my epiglottis, and the other on my thyroid had been investigated several years ago and found to be benign. my voice and throat gradually returned to normal over several days, I resisted going to regale my own doctor with the preliminary findings and disc of the New Mexico CT scan. I already had a Mid-May appointment for twice-yearly blood-work, plus a followup chat with our GP, so I decided to wait for that.

Bloodwork came up all okay. On telling the Doc my tale of woe, he thought for a while and decided it'd be eminently reasonable for me to go see the local ENT specialist. I did so on 28 May. My tale of woe was told - again. ENT Doc inspected my throat closely, flicked with a needle-ish tool a quite large grain of hardened "stuff" from a fold in my left tonsil (maybe the remaining part of the mass on my epiglottis?) He said that such things form from time to time, nothing to worry about. His nurse approached with another dangly tool- with this one he entered my nostril and travelled down into my throat for a "good look around". He declared all to be well, nothing untoward there. His remaining concern was the thyroid thing. He asked had any of my relatives had thyroid cancer. No, they hadn't! I referred him to the fact that I'd had an ultra-scan back in 2006, which had shown no malignancy, but he still felt it necessary to go a wee bit further and have a biopsy done. He explained this procedure to me very carefully - likely to be fairly painless, thyroid entered from outer neck - a fine needle which will "suck" a few cells to be investigated. I wasn't overjoyed at this prospect.

On 4 June, bright and early (well, early) we were at the radiology dept of our excellent hospital. The whole thing was, as the doctor who performed the biopsy said as he bounced into the room, "quick, easy and painless". He uttered the best words of this adventure so far: "these things are usually benign". I did note the word "usually", but the fact that he said the word benign cheered me no end!

Follow-up appointment with ENT Doc for results was yesterday afternoon, 10 June, almost at the end of Mercury Retrograde. Even though I originally felt pretty confident that all was well, I still had lingering doubts, pushing my BP up sky high before I eventually saw the nurse, who kindly reassured me that "there's nothing bad in the report". ENT Doc eventually showed up and confirmed that I have a benign nodule on the left thyroid. He advised that it'd be wise to keep an eye on it via an ultra-scan initially in 6 to 8 months, then maybe annually, to make sure the nodule wasn't growing and causing problems with other bits and pieces in the left throat area.

So...all's well that ends well...and it ended almost in harmony with Mercury's latest back tracking exercise.


Sonny G said...

thanks for sharing your good news, Annie~!

mike said...

Geeeeeez, Twilight! Glad to know that your issue REsolved itself without much ado. However, this is a big reminder to me...I've been in denial about my very own thyroid nodule. I have one on the right side and I've had some minor difficulty swallowing...kinda feels like something is caught there, like a piece of hair. Also, some minor swelling to the right side of the nodule present for the last two years.

I didn't have ACA insurance when I had an unusual set of symptoms occur several years ago. The symptoms lasted about six months. I self-diagnosed this as a thyroid infection from info on the web. I discovered the nodule just as the symptoms receded. If it should be cancerous, it isn't the more virulent forms, as I wouldn't be alive now...LOL. I've had ACA health insurance for the past year, but haven't seen a doctor. I guess I'd better get my rear in gear. Thanks for the reminder! I'm like you...I dread doctors.

mike (again) said...

Off topic - My brother-in-law switched cable providers and their new cable package contains HBO. He activated my Roku to HBO-GO...hooooray...I now have HBO. Last night, I viewed "The Grand Budapest Hotel" and thoroughly enjoyed it. Great movie.

Twilight said...

mike ~ Goodness me! Oh yes, do, please go and talk to your doctor. Chances are that it'll be like mine - just a benign nodule in a difficult place - yours sounds to be causing more difficulty than mine has, possibly due to its exact position. ENT Doc mentioned to me that even if such things do show malignancy it seldom spreads from source, as do some other types of cancer.

(again) - Good ! We enjoyed "Grand Budapest Hotel" too. We watched something on HBO-GO a night or two ago (still haven't cancelled HBO!)...."The Judge". I'd been wanting to see it ever since it was released last year, but it never did reach this corner of Oklahoma. Enjoyed it, mainly due to the two actors, Robert Downey Jr and Robert Duvall.

Twilight said...

Sonny ~ And my thanks to you for reading this. :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy to hear everything okay, after all. Sometimes I think the worrying is the worst thing we do to ourselves.

Twilight said...

Sabina ~ Thank you! Yes, the worrying before the event has always been always the worst part of any medical procedure I've undergone. I should have learned by now that nothing, from a major operation to minor procedures, is ever half as bad as my imagination can dream up! But I never learn, it seems.

Sonny G said...

we saw The Judge saturday night... we laughed and we cried.. both great actors who played off each other very well... glad you and AJ enjoyed it too.

LB said...

What a relief.:) I'm glad your story had a happy ending, Twilight.

Twilight said...

LB ~ Thank you :-)

Dr Strangelove said...

Happy for you Annie!

Done on Merc retro - did you ever watch "Groundhog Day"?

Good thing will be that you get the good news over and over again.

Dr Strangelove said...

I think my post went someplace it shouldn't be at. Will wait and see if it is found.

This one is to ask if it cost you anything extra to schedule yesterdays appointment for when your natal Jupiter was on the Asc of your PDAL.

Dr Strangelove

Twilight said...

Dr Strangelove ~ Thank you!

Yes, I've seen Groundhog Day - oooh, but I don't want to live the whole Merc Retro thing again and again, thank you...once was more than enough. :-/

I won't know whether I'll have to pay for any of this - hopefully I won't as I'm on Medicare with a supplemental insurance to back it up, but one can never be sure about these things until bills arrive, some weeks after the event. Was natal Jupiter (6 Pisces) doing something significant, then ? I'm unable translate PDAL :-)

Bob said...

PDAL stands for Progressed Demi-Anlunar, A discovery and development of mine which is an excellent timer - better than transits.

It is a progression of the lunar or demi-lunar return cast using the Moon from the nearest preceding solar or demi-solar return. The rate of progression is the arc transcribed by the Moon from the inception of the return to the time of an event. Natal and/or progressed natal planets are placed around the progressed chart to aide in interpretation.

Your natal Jupiter on the Asc was an indication of success or enjoyment experienced by you.

Some post and email quotes I have permission to share regarding the timing of progressed lunar returns I have done:

An example (with permission) of the efficacy of my technique to determine a time of birth having only 1 incident to work with and a choice of 2 locations for it to have occurred at:

"Re: Your daughter's birth data

Hi ********,

For your daughter:

Dec 3, 1990, 6:17 pm, MST, Tucson, AZ

To which the reply was:

Re: Your daughter's birth data
« Sent to: unique_astrology on: May 11, 2013, 01:40:46 PM »

"I sent the following earlier but not sure if it got thru to you as I see I should have saved a copy to my outbox which I will do with this one. Here is a copy of my original answer:

Hi Bob, you are amazingly close, her birthdate Dec 3, 1990 6:18 p.m. Tucson, AZ.

If you have further questions, please ask. And thank you so much for being so helpful."

Another example of the accuracy of the technique when a prediction of an event was made using a known birth time to work with:

"You have just been SO spot-on in what you’ve told me that I figured you would certainly be the person to ask these questions to. It still floors me that you had my infamous meeting pretty much nailed down to the exact time on the 1st....very impressive, indeed."

And several more responses to results using the technique:

"And Bob, just so you were exactly correct."

"You were so absolutely correct regarding the timing of events." "

Twilight said...

Bob ~ thanks for the translation - a complex calculation! It did turn out to be accurate for me, as regards being beneficial and "lucky". :-)

I suppose lunar-related calculations have links to Vedic astrology, and Vedic is said, I think, to be good for predicting - possibly more accurately than tropical astrology - which, I think, is likely to be better for personality interpretation.

Thanks for all the information.

Robin Longstride said...

I do all natal charts in the Tropical zodiac. Return charts are precession corrected. Make my measurements in right ascension (true body positions in space) instead of longitude. Active at a moment are what planets and/or midpoints are being swept by the progressed angles (within 2 degrees). The MC progresses about 1 degree every 2 hours, about 13 degrees each 24 hours, and 180 degrees in about 14 days when the next return [regular or demi] takes effect.

In the life of a progressed lunar return every return, natal, progressed natal, and transit point will be swept by the progressing angles. Perhaps allowing for a psychological or emotional reading through out the course of every day the intensity codependent on transit or progressed aspects in the natal or progressed natal chart.

Robin Longstride

Twilight said...

Robin Longstride (Bob) ~ Phew! That is some complicated stuff! I shall now try to get my head around it.