Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Helen Thomas, The President & Old Friend Neptune.

Watching part of TV's coverage of President Obama's press conference on Monday evening, it was a treat to see Helen Thomas still sharp, insightful, and right on-the-ball. She'll be 89 this year - an example to all who dread their seniority. What a gal!

My earlier post about Ms Thomas's natal chart (Saturday/Sunday Superwomen) may go some way to explaining why this lady is such National Treasure.

M.J. Rosenberg's article HERE concerning the question she asked the President is a good read. Part of her question gave the President a chance to speak about stemming nuclear proliferation. This is a topic which needs much more airing - it has been pushed aside of late by more pressing issues - a thought which brings to mind a warning we used to have pinned to our notice board at work:

And our new President? I reckon he's doing just fine in the abysmal circumstances facing this country and the world. He inspires confidence. I very happily take back any suspicions I had early in the primaries that his lack of experience would be a detriment, and that a constant Neptunian vibe I got from him was A Bad Thing. I was reminded of that Neptunian vibe again the other day when I noticed the title of an article by John V. Santore at Huffington Post: "Obama Isn't Who I Didn't Think He Was. But He Might Be."
Doesn't that title reflect Neptune so very well?

Perhaps nobody can yet see President Obama without a wisp or two of fog around him. That's not an entirely bad thing though. It keeps us alert. Alert enough to note any mis-steps. The President is a human being, he'll make a few of those. Anyone who thinks otherwise is in a Neptunian fog far denser than those wispy clouds around President Obama.


R J Adams said...

Excellent post, Twilight, though I can't comment on the "Neptune aspect".
M.J. Rosenberg was quite right. There was no way President Obama could answer Helen Thomas's question directly. The press would have slated him - which is so ironic.
My own opinion of Barack Obama has solidified since his inauguration. I had doubts, and still hold some with regard to his Israeli policy, but I don't believe America could have a better leader at the helm during this period of acute crisis.

On a personal note, I trust those nasty tornadoes yesterday left you well alone?

Wisewebwoman said...

I'm awfully tired of everyone tiptoeing around the Israeli question as if they would be accused of anti-semitism.
Like everyone tiptoed around Bush.
Helen Thomas calls it like it is. I just wish they would answer her. She's only doing her job while they're certainly not doing theirs.

Twilight said...

RJ ~~~Ta! I'm just very thankful that he's the one in the White House.

Yes, thank you - we had a fairly dramatic storm with some hail, but the hardest hit places were all around us, north, south and east.

Tornado season is starting early this year. Usually this malarky doesn't kick in until April-ish. Weather has gone haywire. UK seems to be experiencing unusually severe winter weather too. Climate change is biting so we can notice, I expect.

Twilight said...

WWW ~~~ The President did give a reason for not answering directly. He said he didn't want to pre-empt discussions currently taking place between members of his administration. He's still only a few weeks into his post, so it's understandable that he's treading carefully with the press - knowing what a set of vultures they can be.

As for Israel - I just wish they'd agree to take the lead in some kind of peace effort, but it's a forlorn hope. The problem is so deep seated and soaked in history. It ain't goping to go away any time soon I fear, whatever anybody says about it.

I guess it'd take years of negotiation if The US or UN ever did get any peace talks off the ground. It'd be Northern Ireland all over again, but a lot worse, and with the threat of nuclear weapons. :-(