Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cause and Effect

I realise that most astrologers nowadays reject the idea that the planets exert direct "energy" upon humans on Earth. Cause-and-effect astrology is terribly unfashionable. In books written around a century ago though, it was common to see descriptions of "planetary rays" affecting life on Earth. I suppose that vitriolic criticism from the skeptical brigade put paid to all that. Modern astrologers use other ways, less open to ridicule, to try to explain why astrology works. Resonance with, or reflection of planetary movement and cycles, sychronicity, or plain "don't know" are now the responses astrologers seem to favour.

I don't mind being ridiculed, so will declare that I have suspicions that the movement of certain celestial bodies might have some direct physical effect on humans - well, on this human anyway.

When Mars is traversing in Aquarius within around 5 or 6 degrees of my natal Sun, it seems to affect my sleeping pattern. I'll go to bed tired, fall asleep quickly but wake again after about 90 minutes or 2 hours, only to toss and turn, wide awake for most of the early hours. It has happened during the current transit, and has seemed very noticeable. I'm just starting to come out of a week to ten days of the effect. It's one for which I can find no other explanation.

Hand on heart - I hadn't been waiting for this pattern to recur. I'd forgotten all about it. It hadn't crossed my mind until several nights' lack of sleep started irritating me. Was I being disturbed by noise? Then, after a while, the penny dropped. I checked the current position of Mars - it was close to my natal Sun in early Aquarius. This same "syndrome" has happened before. In 2003 when I was still in the UK, I recall contributing to a conversation about it on a message board. There has been just one earlier incidence of the problem since I've been in the USA, and though I can't be absolutely certain, I suspect it was in 2005, when Mars was in Aquarius again. Mars takes approximately 2 years to complete its orbit around the Sun and return to the same place in the zodiac where it lay in a natal chart.

What happens in my case is not just a random bad night or two, the effect continues with peculiar regularity for at least a week, in the same pattern for several days, then gradually wearing off until, as in the the last couple of nights, I wake briefly around 3 am and go back to sleep. Very odd!

I've also noticed that when the Moon is full.....yes.... I can already hear Himself chuckling, I get over-emotional. He has noticed, so it's not just me! My natal ascendant is in Cancer, ruled by the Moon, which might be significant. I don't actually keep tabs on where the Moon is day by day, so this effect is not not one of those self-fulfilling prophecies. It has happened lots of times, not at every single Full Moon, but enough times for me to have noted it.

So, if these two instances mean anything, it's that there might be some physical effect somehow exerted upon us, or some of us, by the movement/position of some celestial bodies, some of the time. I did say "might" and "some"!


R Phoenix said...

Very nice post Twilight. Right now I have Mars in my third house and I am edgy and ready to argue and debate, especially in all matters Aquarius, which rules my third house.

The discovery of various planets occurred when astronomers noticed a wobble or a slight variant of the orbit of a particular planet. When they observed this, they found that another body was exerting it's magnetic influence on the planet they were observing, poked around and found said new planet.

To me, this is a physical validation of the energetic or magnetic influence planets play upon our physical bodies. The frequency modulation is dependent on any number of factors.

Have you ever listened to Saturn?

They have recorded sounds emanating from Saturn and they're pretty eerie.

You can go to Youtube and simply type in "sounds of saturn" to find the videos that have the recordings.


Wisewebwoman said...

Yes, I've noticed lunar influences in my life for a long time now, T.
If the moon can pull the powerful ocean, why not little old me, I ask myself.
As to the rest, I do find sleep disturbances hit me from time to time. 3 a.m. seems particularly poignant at such times.

MrsLilypond said...

I agree with you .
I think of it this way, where women can actually see the moon at night, their cycles really do regulate to the moons, as the previous commenter noted the moon effects the tides. And I know enough people who work as police officers, paramedics and ER staff who all claim a full moon does bring out all sorts of people, so it's not that great a leap (at least to me) to think that planets and other astral bodies could affect us as well

Twilight said...

Robert P. ~~ Thanks. Yes - I'll pop over and have a listen to Old Saturn.

Scientists have stated, I think, that any energies/magnetism felt on Earth from the planets is insufficient to cause any effect in humans. I think this is because they are looking for the wrong "energy" or the wrong trigger (in some way), or whatever it is that affects us hasn't yet been identified.

I can't help thinking that our DNA is affected once we're out of the womb and breathing the air here, and the atmosphere then present on Earth could leave its imprint on the new DNA.

I think our atmosphere is a cosmic soup, a unique mixture at any given time. When one or two ingredients of that soup recur, it's not too outlandish to think that our DNA might have some reaction to it.

That's re my Mars experience, and perhaps because I was born Mars in Scorpio, Mars is particularly tuned in to my DNA, Scorpio traditionally being it's home sign.
I don't know - that's a guess.

Re the Moon, as WWW and Michelle have said it pulls oceans, why not humans?

Twilight said...

WWW ~~~ Try keeping a log of when it happens, I shall do it from now on.

Yes, the Moon ought to be the most believeable (to scientists) as having some effect on humans - there's plenty of evidence. But they just don't want to look into the rest of it in enough detail.

Twilight said...

Hi Mrs. Lilypond - I'm in complete agreement - yes. :-)

There's lots of evidence about Moon effects, in humans, plants and other earthly creatures.
Other planets, further away, visit our natal positions much less frequently, so our bodies are not as used to their effects, which makes any effects they do "put out" more noticeable when they occur. Trouble is we tend to forget, inbetween visits.

If enough people kept logs on stuff like this some patterns might energe. :-)

anthonynorth said...

I've wondered this myself. I'd reject the idea of celestial bodies having an effect on the body as a whole, but could they affect elements of our inner chemistry?
We know sunlight, at particular times of day, readjusts our body clock, etc. So if something as subtle as this can have an effect, I see no real burden in other subtle effects.

Twilight said...

AN ~~~ It's good to read that from you AN! :-)

I agree that, of course, humans are not fully under the influence of planets, like puppets on strings. But as we are composed of billions of tiny elements, which are, after all just "star stuff", I can't see why anybody would want to argue with the proposition that our bodies might react to movements of the planets and stars in subtle ways.

R J Adams said...

I've had five wives. Everyone has had regular periods of high emotional trauma. At the risk of appearing horribly sexist, isn't this just part of being female?
Of course, it could be the moon. Some skeptical persons have even suggested it was being married to me.
Of course, they were all women!
I'm with 'Himself' on the chuckle.

Twilight said...

RJ ~~~ With five wives to your name, you certainly qualify to give an opinion on the matter!

I agree that women tend towards emotionality, probably on a "program" linked to the hormonal cycle. I don't dispute that. But many women do say their hormonal, menstrual cycle is in tune with the phases of the Moon in some way.

I never checked that for myself - back in those days I was interested in astrology but didn't have the knowledge or materials to keep track of such things.

Nowadays I seem to find that at some Full Moons I'm more liable to feel weepy for silly reasons than at other times, that's all.

I've just posted a Part 2 to this post - but related to Mars. Moon can look after itself, there's enough evidence of it affecting the sea and human behaviour already.