Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Cup and Lip

More presidential politics! Today the people of Kentucky and Oregon get an opportunity to vote for their choice of Democratic candidate. Reports indicate that Senator Clinton is favoured in Kentucky while Senator Obama seems to be the preference in Oregon.

For Senator Clinton, at this stage winning seems like a tall mountain to climb, as her rival is too far ahead in pledged delegates for her to overtake him. She still has transiting Uranus, planet of the unexpected, conjunct natal Moon, in much the same position as during the last few primaries. Transiting Jupiter, planet of luck, is now sextiling both natal Moon and natal Mercury - both helpful aspects to key personal planets.

If Senator Clinton manages to rack up a very wide margin in Kentucky and holds Senator Obama to a close race in Oregon, she will be able to mark time, hoping to perform in similar fashion in the few remaining primaries, and then wait for the Democratic National Committee's decision on how to treat the delegates of Michigan and Florida. That decision could swing the pendulum a little more in Senator Clinton's favour. All indications though seem to me to point to the fact that the DNC wants to nominate Senator Obama. The superdelegates hold what might be called the casting votes in this race. If it turns out, after this long drawn out, hard fought struggle, to be a very close finish, their votes will make or break the hopes of millions of the candidates' supporters.

Some people, Senator Obama included, already consider this primary race all but over. There is however, as we all know, "many a slip 'twixt cup and lip". It would be foolhardy for Obama fans to feel over confident, or Clintonista's too downhearted. Even after the last primary of all there will still be time for any number of upsets before the Convention in August, when nomination is made official. Several astrologers still retain confidence that Hillary Clinton will be president of the USA. Uranus and the unexpected events for which that planet is famous cannot be overlooked, any more than can Senator Clinton's steely determination.

In my latest tarot experiment, I asked "what do I need to know about Tuesday's primaries?"

I inadvertently pulled out 4 cards instead of the intended 3. All are unfortunate in tone, and rather puzzling. I considered keeping this episode of my tarot experiment secret as the cards looked so depressing, but that wouldn't be fair to my tarot deck. So.......

1~ The Tower aka The Lightning-struck Tower - A card of the Major Arcana, and the most significant of those drawn. In fact, apart from the Queen, the 2 remaining Minor Arcana cards serve to echo what The Tower tells. Some keywords for The Tower from Tarot Teachings - (where I double-checked for confirmation):

Sudden Shift

2~ Queen of Swords - Senator Clinton ?

3~ 10 of Swords - Defeat or ruin - but sometimes relates to a group rather than an individual.

4~ 3 of Swords - Strife. Emotional conflict. Disappointment.

The cards are not in conflict with each other, the story they tell seems like clear tale of woe.

I find the cards hard to interpret in this particular context. I've read recently that in spite of earlier reports that Senator Obama expected to be able to claim the nomination after Tuesday's voting, after winning a sufficient number of pledged delegates from these two State primaries, it's now said that he does not intend to do so. Apparently this decision has been made to foster party unity and avoid further upsetting Clinton supporters whose votes will be required at the General Election in November. Upheaval caused by an announcement by Senator Obama is unlikely to be what the cards are describing, then. I guess he could change his mind on this, or the media could do the trumpeting for him, which I'm sure they can't wait to do! That eventuality doesn't seem to quite fit the tone of these cards though.

My first thoughts on seeing the four cards was that something pretty decisive must be coming up. An upset of a kind not yet contemplated perhaps?

Irrespective of what tarot or astrology seem to indicate, there's a wild and woolly feel to it all, and it's getting wilder and woollier by the day. It's just the right kind of atmosphere where a cup might easily slip before reaching the lips!

With the above thoughts in mind, a couple of long articles I read yesterday are worth mentioning:

"Follow the Mecca Brick Road" by a contributer known as ShallowHal at Savage Politics


"Not now, not ever - "A Repudiation of Obama and the New Bolsheviks, and an Interesting Possibility", by Craig della Penna at No Quarter.


Wisewebwoman said...

I hadn't seen the Mecca Brick Road, piece, T, - frightening - but had seen the repudiation.
I am frankly getting more and more creeped out by this guy and astonished at the blind adulation of him by the Obamabots.
Something also tickles at the edge of my mind about this all being foretold? Ring a bell with you at all? That the black man signals the end of the world? Something I heard as a child from a druid....

Twilight said...

No, WWW, I don't recall hearing that prophecy. I'll scoot around Google and see if I can dig anything up.

I'm feeling increasingly uneasy about the whole scene. It feels wrong, somehow. Not much we can do though, except to watch the tale unfold. :-(