Thursday, May 08, 2008

Astrology Mandala

Artist Charles Gilchrist designed a beautiful astrology mandala. I've retained his website in my Favourites file for years. I'll link to it today rather than writing a long post, because I'm in the midst of transferring to a new computer - well the business end of it anyway. I bought a "barebones" replacement, which needs fleshing out. I'm hoping to be able to have all the data I've collected on my old box still available to me, but things could go awry!

On Charles Gilchrist's site there's an interesting interview relating to the mandala and its astrological explanation, and to his late wife, a professional astrologer. Link: "Sacred Geometry the Architecture of the Universe", at Gallery 12: Esoteric Astrology.
The entire site is well worth exploring.

Sacred Geometry and Mandalas are two subjects about which reams have been written, but for people like me with restless minds and a mild case of attention deficit disorder there's often too much detail to comfortably take in. On this site there's just enough information, along with nice illustrations to hold the interest.

I've been intending to buy a print of the mandala for ages - I shall get around to doing so, very soon.


R J Adams said...

Good luck with the changeover. Hopefully you'll not have any problems.

Twilight said...

Thanks, RJ.

I was a cross between befuddled and flummoxed, but the husband rode in to my rescue. We're almost there, but not confident enough yet to do the big switch!
The home network seems to have dropped a stitch someplace.

I have the shiny new box plus very tatty ancient keyboard and mouse and spare monitor on the dining table, waiting, panting throbbing ...

Wisewebwoman said...

May the gods of good tubing, wiring and ethering be yours for the transition, T.
I liked the link, gave me a tiny understanding of sacred geometry, a much more complex topic than it first appeared to me!

Michelle said...

I laughed at the attention deficit comment. Me too! I've got worse as I've got older as well. I used to speed read books. Zooming along like a skipping stone. Probably missing loads, but gaining enough understanding to keep going. Now? Now I have four books scattered around the house that I have been trying to read for six years. SIX years! I get as far as a sentence... a paragraph... and my brain flits away like a butterfly...


I once tried to read chaos theory (about 15 years back). It made no sense at all, but the Julia sets and mandelbrots held me and made my brain "click" a certain degree! ;-)

I'd love to try creating mandalas out of birth charts, but haven't the staying power to actually try it out. lol

Michelle said...

BTW, I have a challenge for you.
Feel free to ignore it... or join in.

Twilight said...

WWW - thank you! Yes, Sacred Geometry deserves a little mare attention than I've given it to date. More to chew on at some future time.


Michelle - Hi!

LOL! We share a trait then - mild ADD.

I've just been reading your blog and considering how best to join in. I'll certainly do something, and pop back shortly to report.