Saturday, February 23, 2008

Pisces & Neptune Dominant

We've rolled into the tropical zodiac sign of Pisces this week. Keywords for Pisces include: sensitive, imaginative, creative, intuitive,abstract, compassionate, introspective, religious, clairvoyant, versatile, procrastinating, fatalistic, idealistic, unworldly, vague, easily led, addictive.

Neptune, modern ruler of Pisces, is briefly described by Rob Tillett:

"Neptune, the planet of deception and spiritual enlightenment, rules the oppressed and abandoned: the misfits of society. On a higher level it rules visionaries, and those who are glamorous and charismatic. It represents spirituality, mysticism, and ideals.

Speaking personally, Neptune's house position and its aspects with other planets in your chart will describe spirituality, abstract thinking, illusion, disillusionment, and areas of your life where things aren't always what they seem. It rules derangement, guilt, persecution and describes the potential for experiences related to confinement, abandonment, and addiction or physical intolerance to drugs and alcohol.

Neptune's role in society is often to cloud the issues, making things seem other than they are. Neptune is the master of disguise. Ruling oil, liquids, solvents (and makeup!), this mighty force usually operates beneath the surface, but can be brought into the forefront of consciousness when affected by significant transits from the visible planets."

Instead of my usual video picture book of well known people, for Pisces/Neptune I've included lists below, and this video compilation, first posted during last year. It's an attempt to present, in sight and sound, some of the qualities of Neptune and Pisces. (Sorry - video removed).
Lists at Astrotheme of well known individuals with Pisces or Neptune dominant in their natal charts, who are also well-known in America and English-speaking countries, were quite a bit shorter than I have found for other zodiac signs. I wonder why that should be? Pisces is last of the twelve signs, before the zodiac starts anew with Aries, at vernal equinox. Perhaps the zodiac simply ran out of steam! Pisces is the 12th sign, connected to 12th house, which is considered to be a hidden and secret place. It's appropriate then that we don't have long lists of household names here - though there is certainly a streak of real genius and inspiration among them, including some connected to astrology.

Percentages are included in some cases to show the range, none is much below 40% for Pisces and 21% for Neptune.


Laura Dern (53.21%)
Googie Withers
Paula Prentiss
Lou Costello
Sidney Poitier
Patrick Duffy(40.43%)

Benjamino Gigli (47.67%)
Dame Vera Lynn
Kurt Weil
Johnny Cash
Kurt Cobain (39.70%)

Jean Baptiste Morin de Villefranche (Morinus)(46.02%)
Evangeline Adams
Moby Dick Jacobs(43.16%)

Elizabeth Barrett Browing (52.81%)
P.D. Ouspensky (47.89%)
Alexander Graham Bell
Patty Hearst
Victor Hugo
Vincent van Gogh
Bugsy Siegel (40.22%)



Tom Courtenay
Tallulah Bankhead (22.86%)
Dirk Benedict

John Philip Sousa(28.77%)
Frank Sinatra (25.26%)
Leontyne Price
Renata Tebaldi (21.09%)

Richard Nolle (24.64%)
William Lilley
Johannes Kepler (22.60%)

Henry Rider Haggard (31.31%)
Nancy Mitford
David Puttnam
Pierre Balmain
Marc Chagall
Charles Darwin
D.H. Lawrence
Jerry Springer(21.61%)


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