Monday, February 18, 2008

Candidates - Part I

Political spin is in the air non-stop here in the USA these days. My interest is kept alive by the hope that I'll be able to vote in the presidential election, if called to interview, then oath ceremony, and become a US citizen by early fall.

There are a lot of conflicting messages going the rounds on-line, on TV, in newspapers. There's also plenty of downright nastiness aimed at one or other of the candidates. I'm already tired of that part, so have decided to go back to astrology basics as a way of shutting out the noise, prejudice and other people's viewpoints.

A thumbnail astrological sketch of each candidate is as good a starting point as any. It's amazing that even using the most basic and simple parts of astrology, I can still see it working.

I'm using an old book, "Student Chart Reader of Horoscope Indicators" by Llewellyn George, published in 1934, written by a British born astrologer who emigrated to the USA. Expert interpretations of the candidates' charts by professional astrologers have been carried out already, but this impartial exercise, using textbook interpretations from long ago, unconnected with current affairs, will help clear and focus my own mind, and may be of interest to anyone who is unfamiliar with Llewellyn George's work.

Brief interpretations for Sun, Ascendant and Moon positions, the big three in any natal chart, will be copied exactly as they appear in the book. Other planets, houses and aspects are not part of this thumbnail experiment. Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama and John McCain are the likely contenders, I'll cover them over the next three days.

Ladies first -

October 26 1947, Chicago, Illinois. 8.02am
Natal chart available at AstroFutureTrends

SUN Scorpio
"In Scorpio the Sun gives strong characteristics and shrewd, keen judgment. The Scorpion native is critical, suspicious, skeptical but enterprising, reserved, tenacious, determined and secretive. Fond of luxuries but economical and calculating; restless, energetic, fond of travel especially on water and admires grandeur in nature. Attends to own affairs in business but in matters of duty may make trouble for others. In speech plain, blunt, sarcastic and forceful; in politics or law very aggresseive. At best, original, scientific, sagacious, daring and creative, capable of much success through bold enterprise. Fine engineers, contractors, surgeons, chemists, detectives, and sheriffs are born in this sign."

If 8.02 am is correct time of birth (uncertain)- -Scorpio rising

"Reserved, tenacious, determined and secretive, somewhat inclined to be suspicious or skeptical and stingingly sarcastic. They are quick-witted, quick in speech and action, alert, forceful and positive. They are often blunt, brusque and seemingly fond of contest; nevertheless they make staunch and splendid friends. They possess grit and enterprise that will enable them to reach high attainments. They accomplish their purposes by subtlety and strength of will, or by force if necessary. They have mechanical skill and much constructive (or destructive) quality. They enjoy travel, are fond of investigating mysteries and things occult. Although appreciating luxury, can be very frugal and economical. They are natural detectives, sheriffs, bailiffs, chemists.....gifted for accomplishing things requiring muscular skill or aggressive enterprise. Motive-vital temperament."
"Mental tendencies:
Quick, keen, shrewd, critical, penetrating mind and keen judgment. Strong will and determination; self-reliant, bold, fixed views. A subtle mind, hard to influence, not easily imposed upon, willful, courageous, energetic and active when interested but at other times indolent. Sarcastic or impulsive and very angry when provoked."

MOON in Pisces
( This is going to be the Hillary Clinton we do not see on the public stage!)

"Kind, benevolent, retiring, sympathetic, fond of luxury, comfort, diversity, change, beauty and harmony. Meets with many misfortunes and obstacles which tend to make the native feel irresolute, inert, downhearted and easily discouraged at times. It gives a taste for reading and keen perception of romance, having a powerful and fruitful imagination. As a speaker, writer or composer is copious, fluent, earnest and very correct in details.

Inconstancy is indicated in love affairs; generally has a hard time saving money. If the Sun also is in a watery sign or watery sign ascending the native is likely to grow corpulent.

With the Moon in this location the native is often very receptive, mediumistic or inspirational and responsive to psychic conditions generally. Suffers both physically and mentally through adverse environment, uncongenial surroundings and misunderstanding."

I see that as being a fairly accurate overview. There are many qualities described which would prove invaluable in the fights and difficulties the next US president is bound to face after the inauguration in January 2009.

It'll be Barack Obama's turn tomorrow.


Michelle said...

Interesting! I see she's a Chinese pig/Boar and Obama is an Ox.

Not too happy to read the latter. Oxen are a bit obsessive and that added to politics can be rather overwhelming. Famous Ox folk include Napoleon, Hitler, Margaret Thatcher, van Gogh, Chaplin... you see the pattern? Tough people. When they're good, they're awesome, but when they're bad... ouch!

Pigs now... well I'm a Pig enthusiast, but I'll try to stay objective. Equally tough, but more willing to accomodate others. Famous pigs - Henry VIII, Cromwell, Jung, Reagan, Richard Attenbotough.

I'd put my money on the Piggy. :-)

Twilight said...

Thank you for that addition, Michelle, it's helpful and interesting. I know nothing about Chinese astrology except that I'm a Tiger (LOL!)

Oh dear, there are some rather unpleasant characters in both categories. As we often say though, it takes a peculiar personality to want to be president of the USA - we are unlikely to find many pussycats in this arena! :-)