Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Astro-harmony in "Falling Slowly"

It was good to see Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova receive their Oscars on Sunday evening for Best Original Song: "Falling Slowly", from last year's movie "Once". It's a lovely song from a gentle, non-glitzy, non-starry movie. We saw it and enjoyed it, but never expected it to be mentioned at the grand Oscars ceremony. Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova the movie's virtually unknown leading actors also wrote the winning song.

I wondered whether there would be some harmonious links in their natal charts. Here they are, calculated for 12 noon as birth times are unknown.

Glen Hansard was born in Dublin, Ireland on 21 April 1970.

Marketa Irglova born in Valasske Mezirici in the Czech Republic on 2 March 1988


There is harmony in common clusters of Earthy planets. Hansard has Sun, Saturn, Mercury and Venus between O* and 22* Taurus (ruled by Venus the music planet). Irglova has Uranus, Saturn, Mars and Neptune between 0* and 9* Capricorn, so the planets in Earth signs, Taurus and Capricorn are in harmonious trine.

Both have close aspects between Mars (energy, dynamism) and Neptune (imagination, creativity, dreams), Hansard's Neptune/Mars are in opposition, Irglova's are in conjunction.

Both have Venus (planet of music) close to another personal planet Hansard's is conjunct Mercury(planet of writing & communication), Irglova's conjunct Jupiter (which rules publishing & luck, among other things).

Their natal Suns are in wide sextile, but unfortunately without times of birth their Moon's positions are unclear. At 12 noon both Moons lay at 28* of Libra and Leo, either or both could move into the next signs with birth times from early evening onwards. Ascendants remain unknown.

There's sufficient evidence, even without times of birth, that these two people would understand each other and have little trouble harmonising together, as is well illustrated by their co-written song and their performances in "Once". Here's the song, as performed in the movie:


Michelle said...

Hi TwilightI stumbled on this place, read a few articles and thought "Geez, Twilight writes better stuff than this!"

Hope the link works, otherwise go to their main page and select "astrology" off the left menu.


R J Adams said...

A lovely song. This looks like my sort of film. Lots of wonderful human emotions without the addition of gratuitous violence. I'll probably cry at the end, though!

The Weather Alternative said...

I enjoyed the simplicity of the song and their two-part harmony. It was neat seeing him up there with his beat up old guitar. Of course, the strings added a great touch.

I'm glad they let her get back on a say a few words. She has a very nice spirit.

By the way, that was me commenting on the sax post.


Twilight said...

Hi Michelle
Hmmmm - I hadn't come across that site before. It has more of a message board flavour, somehow.
Different sort of thing from what I'm aiming at - although I often wonder what exactly that is!! ;-)
Thanks for the kind comment.


Hi there RJ
I think you'd enjoy the film - it's not exactly a weepy - the ending is satisfying without being
predictable. I didn't need the tissues, and I'm famous for blubbing :-)

Hello Ken -
Ah! I didn't realise the sax comment was from you - thanks!

Yes, I like the simplicity of the winning song , the movie too. I liked that Glen H. wasn't dressed up to the nines like all the other awardees - probably didn't expect winning - bless him!

Hmmm - I haven't got you in my links- I'll put that right. :-)

The Weather Alternative said...

I updated mine too.

Twilight said...

Thank you kindly! :-)