Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Eclipse Snippets

In my own life history I've found that the changes astrologers connect with eclipses tend to occur when an eclipse falls close to, or opposite, the lunar nodes in my natal chart. Uranus, my Sun's ruling planet, conjuncts South Node of the Moon, which no doubt accounts for this. I'm not expecting anything untoward from the eclipses in Aquarius, this year and next. If I'm still around blogland next January I'll report back on this, because the eclipse in 2009 falls exactly on my natal Sun, the day before my birthday!


"Understanding Eclipses", by Eric Francis is one of the best articles I've read on the topic of eclipses.


The solar eclipse tomorrow, 7 February, occurs at 17.56 Aquarius (tropical) and 24 Capricorn (sidereal). I'm wondering whether upcoming primary elections in the USA later this month and in March are in line for a shot of eclipse magic, even though the eclipse won't be visible here in the USA, it's something worth keeping in mind. The much heralded "tidal wave" of support for Barack Obama didn't quite materialise in time for "Super Tuesday". Results turned out much as expected prior to the inflated expectations of an over-excited media. They like to drum up a good story, don't they? But there is still time for that tidal wave to roll in, I guess. This eclipse falls in avant garde, "time for a change" Aquarius in the tropical zodiac, but establishment-related, "business as usual" Capricorn sidereally - I shall watch events closely!


John Denver wrote, and sang, a song called "Eclipse" - here it is in a video I've put together:


R J Adams said...

I've been a great fan of John Denver's music for many years. He loved the planet and the wonder of nature. Sadly, by living his life to the full he died far too young. Nice video, Twilight.

Twilight said...

Thank you kindly, RJ
I'm a fan too. He died happy, doing what he loved, but left the world a poorer place.

A favourite memory of mine is a trip we took to the Colorado Rockies in '06. We had John Denver CDs playing all the way. Perfect match! :-)