Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Candidates Part III

Since Monday I've been looking at at astrological thumbnail sketches of the leading candidates for the upcoming US presidential election. Interpretations used are from Llewellyn George's 1934 book "Student Chart Reader of Horoscope Indications", chosen for scrupulous impartiality. It's impossible for there to be any subconscious connection to events or characters on the US political scene of late 20th/early 21st century. Today it's the turn of the last of the three candidates for sketch treatment: Republican Senator John McCain.


August 29 1936, at 9am, Coco Solo Air Base, Panama Canal Zone.
See natal chart at AstroFutureTrends

SUN in Virgo

"In Virgo the Sun makes the native modest, thoughtful, serious, contemplative and industrious with desire to refine the mind and acquire knowledge. Learns quickly, is philosophical, a good reasoner and usually has a good command of language. It gives a good endurance, reserve force, quick recuperation and as a rule Virgoans do not show their age. Quick tempered but not a fighter as Virgo prefers arbitration. Loves order, beauty, art and literature, Not easily discouraged or kept down, although somewhat given to worry. Is idealistic yet practical, frugal yet speculative, ingenious, careful, cautious and usually endowed with good forethought. Very active and seldom contented long at a time. Desires wealth but not able, as a rule, to acquire wealth easily. Interested in hygienics, diet and labor conditions."

ASCENDANT in Libra (with 9am as time of birth)

"Love justice, order, peace and harmony, usually very courteous, pleasant and agreeable persons; although quick to anger, are easily appeased. They are fond of beauty in all forms: in nature, art, music, literature etc., and can enter with zest into refined and cultured pleasures and amusements and greatly enjoy the company and society of brave, happy, sunny and mirthful people. They are affectionate, sympathetic, kind, generous and compassionate; idealistic, artistic, adaptable, constructive, intuitive impressionable and inspirational. They admire modesty and refinement; are ambitious but dislike unclean work and all discord. The best outlet for their talents is in the professions, and they have ability for lines requiring good taste, neat touch and fine finish. Mental-vital temperament.
Mental tendencies:
Good mental abilities, keen sense of perception with foresight and good comparison, imaginative or artistic; good natured, hopeful, cheerful, genial, humane, just, orderly; usually amorous, loving but changeful, fond of society and amusements. Like to "go places and do things", be in style or up-to-date. Fond of fine clothes and jewelry."

MOON in Capricorn

"Tends to bring one before the public in some manner, but whether beneficially or otherwise depends upon the other indications in the chart.

If the Moon is well aspected at birth, especially by the Sun, (in this case they are both in Earth signs, but not in close aspect) may attract attention as a prominent and respectable person. If the environment has been good it may manifest as rulership, generalship and administrative ability.

If the mental rulers (Sun, Moon, Mercury and rulers of 3rd and 9th cusps) were afflicted and the early training neglected it gives a vague indeterminate mind, lack of creative energy although ambitious; misfortune through women and lax control of the appetites. Usually has enemies whether merited or not, and some drawback or difficulty attached to the occupation or reputation of the native. If the aspects in the chart are generally good it indicates honors and prominence; the native has ability to interest others and inspire confidence; a good organizer and welfare worker.

This location is also indicative of care and caution in money matters. The nature is often too cold and calculating and at times too regardless of the feelings of others."

Oddly, in Senator McCain's case, I see the Moon as more indicative of the public person we see, rather than the Sun/ascendant picture, as in the cases of Senators Clinton and Obama. Other factors in his natal chart are needed for clarity, one example is Mars in Leo, indicating a forceful and militant character, it lies in his 10th house of public status, making it a focal point in his career.

Three thumbnail sketches of leading candidates are complete - I thought the first two depicted very recognisable traits, from what little we know of the real people involved. This third example, for me, is less clearly recognisable without involving more of the natal chart.

Now, as we see them approaching the final rounds, coming out swinging, keeping their guard up, we have to hope, somewhat forlornly, that there will be no hitting below the belt.

May the best person for the job win!


R J Adams said...

"May the best person for the job win!"

I think all we can say is 'Amen' to that. Though, whoever wins, there'll almost certainly be a majority of the American people who feel cheated. Such is democracy.

Twilight said...

Yes, indeed, RJ.

I've reached a strange point - the point where I sympathise with all three candidates to some extent, but am starting to seriously dislike some of their most avid supporters and the media.

Richard said...

I found these three 'portraits' fascinating, Twilight. So much so, that I've just linked to all three of them.

Twilight said...

Oh! Thank you, Richard! That's very kind, and very brave of you.
You might get some snarky comments from sceptics among your readership. LOL!

I'm honoured and flattered. And so is Llewellyn George in that great astrologers' conference in the sky! :-)
Thank you again.

Wisewebwoman said...

Very interesting Twilight, a quirky twist with all the other mad stuff happening.
My money is on McCain and I weep for that but all the engineering points to that result.
I hope I'm so wrong and I'm willing to hang my head for a month!!!

Twilight said...

Hello Wisewebwoman - nice to see you - thank you for your visit.:-)

Oh - do you really think so? I can see a scenario where that might happen.....I'd weep with you if it did! Cross our fingers there'll be no hanging heads - other than those of the outgoing administration.