Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Gemini Considered

 Gemini by David Palladini

In his book, Astrology (pub.1964) Louis MacNeice, not an astrologer, but a poet and scholar, gathered together much of interest from a variety of sources, ancient and modern. On zodiac sign Gemini, through which the Sun now travels, he wrote the paragraphs below, quoting from a variety of professional astrologers. This extract was copy-typed by my own fair fingers, by the way, not copied and pasted from elsewhere. As some of the astrologers mentioned may be unfamiliar, at the end of the extract I've added some links to relevant websites for each named astrologer.

A mutable, airy sign, Gemini is ruled (easy to guess) by Mercury. The word "dialectical" might be applied here too, but more in the original Greek sense where "dialectic" meant conversation - a quick and most argumentative conversation, full of twists and traps and contradictions. all astrologers agree that the Gemini type enjoys argument; after all, this comes naturally to a double man, born under a double sign. Barbault stresses this "bipolarity" and points out that Gemini rules the lungs with their double process of breathing in and breathing out. He adds that if Aries symbolizes the original fire at the source of life, and Taurus the condensation of this life in a material form (as it were, an egg), it is when the process arrives at the stage of Gemini that this egg is polarized and we meet the differentiation into the masculine and feminine principles.

Morrish, in a not altogether dissimilar way, having equated Aries with the male creative impulse and Taurus with the matrix, takes Gemini to stand for that "self-conscious entity which is the result" (being the third and last sign in his phase of unit germination). And in a discussion of "astro-symbolism" in which Aries represents motion and Taurus inertia, he makes Gemini represent "rhythmic balance or oscillation." Also, Morrish finds in the hieroglyph of his sign two pillars, one light and one dark, a "portal through which every human being must pass."
Alternatively, he suggests that the two uprights of  the hieroglyph, traditionally equated with the "heavenly twins" Castor and Pollux, could as well be equated with two apes - the divine ape of intelligence and the chattering ape of imitation. This last piece of symbolism brings us back to dialectic or, we might as well say, to the good and the bad sides of Mercury.

Being both mutable and airy, Gemini is intellectual but fickle. (Pearce describes the Gemini type as having "disposition fickle, understanding good.") Ingrid Lind writes that he goes to "extremes of rationality" and possesses the "ability to live a double life." It has often been claimed by astrologers that many intellectuals are born under this sign. But, as indeed is often the case with intellectuals, the Gemini person is often emotionally cold. His congenial signs are Aquarius and Libra; he would not get on with cosy old Taurus. When we are told by Gleadow that Gemini is "pure intellect" and that no one is more mobile (a word frequently used of this sign), it is surprising to find him quoting Queen Victoria as someone who was born with Gemini rising...........

As regards the minor characteristics of Gemini people, Tucker notes that, if this is your Sun-sign, you may be inclined to vegetarianism. Barbault observes that Gemini women prefer two-piece suits and checkered materials. The physiognomist John Varley writes: "Gemini, though a beautiful and human sign, yet occasionally gives to persons born when it is rising [note that he is concerned with the ascendant, not the Sun-sign] a strong resemblance in the head and neck to the characteristic forms of goats, kid and deer."

This sign stands for nervous energy; the United States is said to be very much under its influence. among people born with Gemini rising many astrologers include Dante, Kepler, Wagner, Bernard Shaw, and Clemenceau. Barbault includes Conan Doyle in his list of Gemini types; he adds that Sherlock Holmes is a "popular Gemini hero." On the debit side, apart from producing madmen, it can (like its ruler Mercury) produce crooks and very selfish people.
Once again, in moving from this sign to the next, we find a complete change of atmosphere.
Astrologers mentioned:
André Barbault
A.J. Pearce
Dr. W.J. Tucker
Rupert Gleadow
Ingrid Lind
I, with airy Aquarius Sun, usually find instant easy rapport with Gemini-types ( not necessarily those with Sun in Gemini) and, something I find strange, much easier with Gemini-types than with Libra-types (Libra is the other airy zodiac sign) with whom I often have had problems. I've come up with several possible reasons, none of which are a really good fit. The obvious one has to be that it's not a good idea to rely on Sun sign only - nor even on Sun, ascendant and Moon signs combined. Digging deeper is essential - that, or forgetting astrology altogether and going along with one's intuition - which has been known to work out better at times!


mike said...

"...a strong resemblance in the head and neck to the characteristic forms of goats, kid and deer." Well, now I'll be self-conscious about this, as I have a Gemini Asc! I'll take an extra look in the mirror semblance. My Scorpio Sun-Mercury-Venus along with my Gemini Asc, provide fodder for most followers of astrology, as it seems Scorpio is oft mentioned in relation to creepy and perverse...Gemini insanity, quirky-bad, and fickle. The ultimate bad-ass sign combined with the penultimate. Too late to do anything about it...is what it is...it was my mother's fault, not mine...LOL.

No mention of The Donald? His quippy, retort dialogue is very representative of his Gemini Sun. His brief nicknames for his opponents that provide layers of meaning and innuendo. The 4 AM tweets and texts full of bullying, buffoonery, and gaseous pronouncements that the public hates, but HAS to read and follow. The guy's all about communication as the "Art of the Deal".

Juxtapose Trump to one of my contemporary, favorite Gemini Suns...another fellow that has a way with words...the one and only Bob Dylan. Happy Birthday, Bob! Born today, in 1941.

Twilight said...

mike ~ I almost added a [LOL!] after the goat, kid and deer head and neck remark!

Your Scorpio/Gemini combo is, I would guess at least as awkward as my Aquarius/Cancer to manage.

My maternal grandfather had Gemini Sun- he had both positive and negative characteristics of the sign; other than Grandfather I had a Gemini Sun boyfriend during my late teens/early 20s, but he didn't really fit the Gemini-type description at all; I also had a Gemini Sun female work-friend - we still exchange cards and annual updates. She's, I suspect , a hybrid of Gemini/Cancer/Virgo (another hard combination to deal with).

In looks, I've always thought a typical Gemini-type would be lean, wiry, a wee bit twitchy, never quite at ease or at rest.

I toyed with mentioning Donald Trump, but at the time of typing was feeling anti-politics. As you've said, he has many Gemini characteristics, allied with Leo rising - and the thing I go back to always when thinking Trump, Regulus on the ascendant. He definitely looks more Leo-like to me.

Dylan - yes, good Gemini-type. Many Happies to him!

Anonymous said...

I have one Gemini sibling, one Gem in-law, and one Gem acquaintance. Does Virgo really share Mercury ruler or is it my Gem MC or my airy Libra Merc that relates to these flibbertigibbets? Not grounded enough for my Earth Sun, Moon, Mars to sustain a friendship.

I find this bit of Longfellow perfectly describes our Gemini:

'There was a little girl, who had a little curl
Right in the middle of her forehead,
And when she was good, she was very, very good,
But when she was bad she was horrid.'

Twilight said...

Sabina ~ Hi! Yes Virgo is Mercury-ruled too. I forgot to mention my husband's son-in-law is a typical Sun Gemini and very happily married to husband's daughter, a Sun+ several personal planets Virgo. Both are, and have been for many years, in the newspaper business. :-) I'd have wondered, as you did about that astro combination - but it has worked out well for them.

LOL! - I know that rhyme - my parents used to chant it to me when I was very young, because I had a constant habit of pulling down a lock of hair onto my forehead.