Monday, May 16, 2016

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If news stories were filed alphabetically, according to planetary "flavour" these would be filed under "U" for Uranian, possibly cross-referenced under "N" for Neptune:

Magnetic Hyperloop pod unveiled at MIT


The Flying Machine in Your Back Garden


This Man Has Had Incredible Access to Pentagon Secrets for Decades—Now He's Joining a UFO Data Project:
Christopher Mellon spent 20 years in national security which gives his interest in UFOs extra weight.


mike said...

Hyperloop pod - The route right on one of the worst fault lines in the USA would dampen my enthusiasm as a potential customer. This would make for a good disaster movie plot, though.

Lilium personal jet - Hmmm, wonder what could go wrong there...LOL. We already had Harrison Ford crash his oldie plane into a golf course. I'm sure the 1% will all want one for their local commuting...they'll save money leaving their standard jet on the tarmac.

UFOs - Hillary Clinton revived interest in UFOs in one of her campaign stumps, stating she'd definitely release government information, should she be elected. I'm not sure if the reptilians (aka Hillary) are aliens or simply an evolved form of lizard.
Two others have joined the covenant:

mike (again) said...

Off -

Twilight said...

mike + (again) ~ Re the articles filed under "U" - yes, good points all! :-)

Re the Nevada debacle - (maybe should be filed under "M" for Mars) - did you see John Laurits' explanation?

And I've just read what Charles Pierce had to say about it - he, for once, didn't impress me much - but one or two of his commenters put him right(comments now sent to Facebook for some peculiar reason, but still accessible via the link beneath his piece)

mike (again) said...

Wow...I just sent Roberta Lange a text, "Shame on you, Roberta...shame!". I wanted to say piss on you, Roberta. I tell ya, Twilight, the reptiles are upon us.

Twilight said...

mike (again) ~ Good! I've sent her a Tweet - I hope she keeps being inundated with all manner of communication. :-/

It's almost comical (if it weren't so irritating) how so many bloggers, commenters and writers are having fainting fits, demanding or declaring that "Bernie needs to exit NOW!" "How disgusting", they say, that some woman named Boxer was booed by those terrible Bernie-Bros. LOL! If that's the worst she has to put up with - she should count herself lucky!

The "peasants" are revolting - and not before time! Clutch them pearls gals!

mike (again) said...

Most of the mainstream news media paint the Nevada convention, Sanders' supporters, as disgruntled losers, not willing to concede.

Here is a reporting of the post-county conventions dated April 2nd. It explains the delegate count at Saturday's (May 14th) state convention:

"Bernie Sanders won Nevada Saturday after county conventions took the win from Hillary Clinton. The Clinton and Sanders campaigns clashed at Nevada county conventions, and Sanders walked away with three county wins, including Clark County where Clinton had originally won the vote. This means that although Clinton got more votes on caucus day, Sanders will likely end up with more delegates. Projections put him getting anywhere from 1 to 10, although most hover around 1 to 4. Some sources, such as Ralston Reports, said he gained two delegates over Clinton. Sanders’ campaign manager said he netted four over Clinton.

The Clark County convention was filled with drama, including rumors that Sanders delegates were told not to show up and others being threatened with arrest. In the end, more delegates voted for Sanders than Clinton, flipping the results of Clark County, which includes Las Vegas. It’s unclear at this time exactly how many new delegates Sanders is picking up from Nevada, since delegates are unbound until the state convention, but he definitely won some today."

The dust-up started at the county conventions and carried-through to the state convention. It seems the DNC will do whatever it takes to deny Sanders.

mike (again) said...

BTW - The hyperloop pod envisioned by Elon Musk may be built with slave labor:

"Elon Musk apologizes for Tesla workers paid just $5 an hour by subcontractor"

Twilight said...

mike (again) ~ Thanks - I found slightly different stories about what went on and why wherever I looked yesterday. The ridiculously complex system Nevada Democrats have devised leaves things wide open for manipulation and funny business - no doubt that's the point of all the complexity!

Yes, DNC realise that they will have more of a fight on their hands than expected, and oddly are doing little to endear themselves to Sanders' supporters - which is what they really ought to be doing if they want them to vote for Clinton in November.

Re hyperloop - that doesn't surprise me much. Dang but we so need more unions back in action!